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Here at Web Based Sensors, we supply process control solutions suitable for use in the paper, food, chemical, and processing industries. Our process control solutions include pressure sensors, flow sensors, pressure switches, and temperature sensors.

Flow Sensors

We provide flow sensors for critical applications with visual flow indication and temperature display. Our flow sensors have adjustable ranges and switch points for use with fluids and air applications.

Flow Sensors

Pressure Sensors

We supply pressure sensors with a variety of pressure ranges up to 400bar and digital indication of actual pressure and switching status. Our pressure sensors have programmable switch points and hysteresis windows.   Our pressure sensors include:
  • Additional 4-20mA or 0-10V outputs
  • Fully programmable engineering units
  • Industry standard process connections
  • Self learn calibration with high visibility digital display
  • IP67 rated
Pressure Sensors

Temperature Sensors

We provide temperature sensors with digital display in metric or imperial measurements. Our temperature sensors have programmable switch points, temperature span and 4-20mA / 0-10V selectable outputs.   They also feature:
  • Adjustable switching window and hysterisis
  • Suitable for liquids or gas
  • High temperature and pressure to 300bar
  • Pt1000 element gold plated contacts
  • Custom length probes
Temperature Sensors

Position Sensors

Our position sensors have been designed for level and distance monitoring. They feature inductive or capacitive technology with valve positioning options. Our position sensors include reflective, diffuse reflective and through beam options.

Position Sensors
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