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We specialise in colour printed labels. As well as our vast options in colour printed labels, we provide labelling products and solutions for a whole host of companies across a broad range of industries, from small manufacturers to FTSE 100 companies.

Our colour printed labels and all related products are found in virtually all industries, from medical to retail, from plastics to automotive, and from food to pharmaceutical. Our systems are used to address countless applications such as product identification, bar code compliance labelling, RFID smart labelling, thermal inkjet coding, inventory control, work-in progress tracking, shipment addressing, and bin and shelf labelling.

Inkjet Coders

Our labelling and coding solutions also include the supply of a wide range of inkjet coders. We supply inkjet coders for varied requirements with many different models on offer.

Our supply of inkjet coders come from the top manufacturers. They include:

  • Trident inkjet coders - perfect for text-based and graphic coding on absorbent surfaces
  • HP - a printhead which permits high-resolution coding of just about any product
  • Lexmark inkjet coders - high-resolution coding on any surface at high speeds

We provide variable control systems for the three different print technologies: Trident, HP and Lexmark.

Inkjet Coders

Label Applicators

We supply a wide range of label applicators. Our versatile label applicators are used for the fast and solid labelling of a broad range of packaging.

We provide a comprehensive range of automatic label applicators. These label applicators rapidly apply pre-printed pressure-sensitive labels to all types of products and packages. Each model is uniquely designed to address specific labelling requirements, with features such as:

  • High-speed application rates programmable up to 6,000 linear inches of label web/min
  • Advanced stepper-motor or servo-motor technology and peel-tip sensing
  • Exceptional placement accuracy
  • Easy maintenance and unsupervised operation functions
Label Applicators

Integrated Labelling Solutions

For integrated labelling solutions, we provide the complete service.

Our integrated labelling solutions include the creation of exclusive label materials to endure the harsh conditions found in the chemical, electrical, and lumber industries. For situations presenting unique labelling and coding obstacles, our engineering staff have designed systems including special material handling equipment, distinct label printing and application systems, as well as custom software packages.

Integrated Labelling Solutions

Blank Labels

Our vast services include the supply of blank labels. With our blank labels there is a versatile range of sizes and colours available.

Options include:

  • Top Coated Direct Thermal Labels
  • Weber Premium Top Coated Direct Thermal Labels
  • Weber's Economy Direct Thermal Labels - an economic option for all of your label and barcoding requirements
Blank Labels

Thermal Label Printers

We provide many options in thermal label and barcode printers.

Thermal label and barcode printers are versatile and are used in barcode applications for all types of industry and business. Their size means they can be used whatever the time and place. The thermal printer is ready when and wherever a label is required.

Our range of thermal label and barcode printers offers you the best-possible solution in terms of resolution, label width, interface, label quantity and available options, such as blades or RFID capability.

Thermal Label Printers

Mobile Printers

For mobile printers, we offer a market leading range. We offer top of the range mobile printers, perfect for 'on-the-move' requirements.

Models include:

  • Zebra Technologies RW220 - a two inch mobile printer ideal for receipts on the go. Its modular design allows users to choose among secure wireless options and card readers
  • Zebra Technologies RW420 - a mobile printer ideal for printing delivery receipts and invoices on the go. Its modular design allows users to choose among wireless options, card readers, and integral accessories such as vehicle mount for simplified route printing
  • RW420 Print Station - compact, lightweight and rugged, the single unit includes an integrated, easy-to-use RW 420 mobile printer
Mobile Printers

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

We provide numerous options in thermal transfer ribbons

Our thermal transfer ribbons operate with a wide variety of label printers and printer-applicators from today’s leading manufacturers. Each ribbon is formulated to print high density bar codes, text and graphics for product identification, work-in-process, inventory control, shipping and other applications.

  • Easymark
  • Fastprint plus
  • Ultraplate resin ribbons
  • Extreme resin ribbons
  • Hot Foil ribbons
  • Colour ribbons
Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Label Design and Printing Software

We provide a comprehensive label design and printing software service.

Our label design and printing software options are versatile and include Legitronic Labelling Software, a unique package making it simple to encode RFID smart labels. Legitronic Labeling Software makes it easy to design labels with high-density bar codes, text and graphics to satisfy countless applications.

Designed for high-speed, 32 and 64-bit operating systems, this easy-to-use package combines advanced editing and other key features to maximize the efficiency of label formatting, editing, printing and RFID encoding for virtually any application.

Label Design and Printing Software

RFID Solutions

We supply numerous RFID solutions to help make certain you are ready to meet new and emerging RFID labelling specifications.

Our special smart label printers and printer-applicators encode data on ultra-thin RFID inlays embedded in labels and tags, while simultaneously printing text, bar codes and graphics. In addition, we also supply built-in and auxiliary reject systems to identify and segregate any improperly encoded tags. We offer smart labels for use in our own RFID printers, plus a range of pre-encoded labels and tags to satisfy associated identification applications.

For the most comprehensive RFID solutions, we provide an unbeatable service.

RFID Solutions

Card Printers

We supply card printers offering quality, performance and reliability for any card printing volume. Options are vast with our card printers, with 'performance', 'security', 'retransfer' and 'value' options all available.

For unmatched performance, we provide:

  • Zebra P330M - a single-sided, monochrome card printer, loaded with user-friendly features and dynamic options
  • Zebra P330I - the most powerful and flexible printer in its class
  • Zebra P4301 - part of Zebra's most popular card printer family with tens of thousands of printers installed worldwide
Card Printers
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