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Weber Sensors Ltd is a worldwide leader in the manufacture and distribution of electrical instrumentation. To bring you state of the art electrical instrumentation technology, the captor group has emerged.

Our electrical instrumentation products include:

  • Flow-captors
  • Vent-captors
  • Foto-captors
  • Laser-captors
  • Proxi-captors
  • Accessories 

Flow Captor

Weber Sensors Ltd can provide two types of flow captor that have different applications.

The two flow captor products are:

  • The P-R 50 flow captor - this flow captor sets your flow-rate at 100 percent . When the flow-rate drops below 50 percent, an alarm is sounded. The alarm rate is adjustable
  • The I-R 50 flow captor - designed for small bore applications and sets your flow rate to 100 percent, but is, again, adjustable
Flow Captor

Vent Captor

A vent captor is a compact and self-contained flow sensor that works to a calometric principle. The price versus performance of the vent captor is not possible with other types of physical flow-sensing principles.

When the flow rates are lower, there are no other sensors that can achieve the high accuracy of a vent captor.

Vent Captor


Captor is a unification of companies from many industries and technologies under one umbrella. The members of the captor group are able to share resources and knowledge. Another benefit of the captor group is they benefit from the trade mark that stands for dependable services and products.


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