Weidele GmbH & Co. KG



Our list of satisfied customers includes small, medium-sized and large, internationally active companies from a broad spectrum of business sectors. With more than 50 employees at various sites, we can guarantee that our work is done seriously, reliably and flexibly.

We are certified to DIN EN 9001 and possess permission for an unlimited supply of temporary workers according to article 1 section 1 of the German Law on Temporary Employment.

Every day we prove the high quality of our services and the personal, individual customer service that our qualified company provides for all our customers.

Your advantages:
• Present in the market for over 10 years
• Specialist for inspection and sorting services, re-finishing, contract cleaning, cleanliness analysis, broaching (horizontal and vertical) and supply of temporary workers   

• Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week   

• Communication in German and English
• Individual contract execution: each on-site employee orients his working hours to your desires.
• Our employees have a high level of personal responsibility
• Uniform working clothes recognisable by you at all times
• Daily documentation regarding work done and the collation of a daily and weekly report that is available to you at any time
• Every employee possesses general equipment and the standard working utensils such as forms, marking material, etc.
• Skills in plastic technology, metallurgy, electrical engineering and surface finishing
• Clean, responsible appearance: each employee is a representative of our company.
• Punctual documentation: the employee is always able to inform you about the current status of the work.

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