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Weir & Carmichael began business in 1955 when the current Managing Director’s father, Clifford Williams, bought the business from the Carmichael family. The firm had been supplying hessian and jute sacks for wheat and animal feed and Clifford, who had strong connections with the mills selling jute and twill bags built on this to establish a stronger business supplying hessian sacks to businesses in and around Liverpool.

Over the next 20 years the business expanded rapidly to include a wide range of packaging sacks and bags. These days we supply to over 1000 businesses throughout the UK, everything from agriculture to zoology. We still supply hessian sacks to the rice milling industry, but our main product line is woven polypropylene sacks, selling around 12 million per annum, making us one of the largest suppliers in the UK

We are now into our third generation of the Williams family with Barrie Williams, Clifford’s son, as Managing Director. During our time in business we’ve survived a number of recessions and even a major fire back in 1978 that completely destroyed our original premises. After the fire we moved to premises in Pall Mall, Liverpool, where we stayed for over 30 years.

The core business of supplying sacks and bags to the manufacturing sector is still a key part of the business, but we have broadened our product portfolio and expanded into the waste and recycling sector with a range of complementary recycling products including kerbside sacks and bags, wheeled bins and an award winning range of protective packaging products

Our packaging products are designed for robust industrial and commercial applications. We believe packaging should be bought for a purpose and not used wastefully.

In 2010 we moved from our original home near the centre of Liverpool to larger premises in Bootle. The move has allowed the business to expand its operations considerably. The following year we were successful in gaining a number of awards for our range of protective packaging products,

We are both ISO9001, IS014001 and ISO18001 accredited and as part of our commitment to the environment we now only used water based inks for printing.

Our business ethos is firmly rooted in the family tradition with a solid commitment to the values of quality and service, backed by a competitive price structure. Many of our customers have been trading with us for decades and the ethics our business is built on are one of our strongest competitive advantages.


Sacks & Bags for Industry

We consider ourselves as specialists in the supply of industrial sacks and bags. These core products are what the business was built on back in 1955 and still remains this day. This has enabled us to gain a wealth of experience and expertise of the industrial packaging market.

Our main products include; a wide range of polypropylene products, industrial bags for bulk material, sacks and fabric made from Hessian, filled and empty sandbags, Net bags, Paper bags & sacks, Polythene fabric & sacks, Woven Polypropylene tubing.

Our industrial sacks, industrial bags and fabrics are suitable for packaging a vast array of products including building materials, waste and refuse, seeds, logs, food ingredients and nuts and bolts.

All our industrial sacks and bags can be printed with customer specific designs and branding. We are also able to supply new products specific to customer’s requirements. Please contact us to see how we can help with your packaging need.

Sacks & Bags for Industry

Helicopter Lifting Bags


Helicopter lifting bags are specially designed for transporting materials to remote areas which are normally inaccessible by truck or lorry.

Used by national parks and helicopter contractors, the bags transport bulk quantities of almost any material such as stone and other aggregates for rebuilding landscapes, flood protection or removing waste.

Helicopter Lifting Bags


Sandbags are the most well known and reliable method of keeping floodwater away from property. In an emergency flood situation sandbags become vitally important.

Weir & Carmichael are contracted suppliers of sandbags to the Environment Agency and have also been supplying filled sandbags to local authorities for over 50 years.

We can supply both polypropylene sandbags, jute rot proof sandbags and hold stocks of both types at our warehouse in Liverpool. We are able to accommodate bulk sandbag orders and offer fast delivery within 24 hours. Stock is available all year round to accommodate your emergency orders.


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