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All of our mining and mineral processing are manufactured to the highest level, and come with the guarantee of durability and reliability.

Our mining and mineral processing brands are well renowned and relied upon throughout the world. Other products we have also engineered include barges, dredge hose, high-pressure grinding rolls, knife gate valves, and pinch valves.

Mine Dewatering

Mine dewatering is an intricate process that requires understanding and professional attention. We provide you with complete solutions via the design and manufacture of specific pumping equipment relevant to the particular tasks.

In-pit or underground applications are catered for with our mine dewatering. Our unrivaled knowledge and skill extends to a full understanding of the application process and its individual requirements such as understanding the mine plan, the range of operation depths, and the ability to work with existing piping systems.

Mine Dewatering

Sand and Gravel Mining

Sand and gravel mining is a process that can be treated in a number of ways across the globe. Across this eclectic industry, our sand and gravel mining products are used continually. Our products are tried, tested and trusted. They can be used in a multitude of applications including roads, buildings and infrastructures. 

These include:

  • Hard iron dredge
  • Gravel pumps
  • Rubber lined slurry pumps
  • Slurry valves
Sand and Gravel Mining

Chemical and Fertilizers

The chemical and fertilizers industry is often subject to wear and corrosion, so only the most durable, strong and technologically capable products are suitable for battling against and preventing these debilitating occurrences. To prevent and counter the wear and corrosion issue within the chemical and fertilizer industry, our products feature the combination of specialist alloys and elastometers.

Our products include:

  • Acid valves
  • Crankshaft driven piston pumps
  • Flexible hose connectors
Chemical and Fertilizers

Power Generation

Our range of power generation products is extensive with our pumps and valves being utilised for a multitude of processes throughout the world. Often used to remove sulphur dioxide from coal fired thermal power plant emissions, these power generation products very important.

Products include:

  • A wide selection of slurry pumps
  • Hose connectors
  • Hydrau-Flo valves
  • Pinch valves
  • The LINARD range
  • Mill liners
Power Generation

Pipeline Transport

Our heavy duty pumps, hoses and connectors are often utilised to build and enhance slurry pipelines across the globe in pipeline transport. Pipeline transport applications we can cater for range up to 300 kilometres in some of the most diverse slurries.

These pipeline transport applicable products include:

  • Pneumatic pinch valves
  • Flexible hose connectors
  • Hard wall mining hose
  • Horizontal slurry pumps
Pipeline Transport
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