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Electrostatic Discharge is a problem that occurs in many electronic environments and can be detrimental to the production of electronic equipment like integrated circuits and solid state electronics.

Weko Uk can aid in the elimination of electrostatic discharge with comprehensive solutions like:

  • ESC electrostatic powder spraying systems - As a modular system concept the WEKO-ESC system is the basis for a low-dust even powder application on material webs having high surface charges.
  • WEKO-ESC features an efficient ionisation device. So, disturbing electrostatic charging can be eliminated. WEKO’s ESC system is probably the world’s best sold complete system for powder application on plastic and substrate webs.

Liquid Application Systems

Liquid application systems are ideal for the application of liquids onto material webs or items that are continuously conveyed. These help in the condition of paper applications and chemical accessory agents as an example.

Liquid applications systems that we can offer include:

  • WEKO rotor moistening - Uniform liquid application in a constant and reproducible quantity. High long-term constancy of liquid quantity and distribution.
  • WFG roller moistening - Application areas for the roller applicator system. Designed for applying liquids onto material webs for coating, finishing, impregnation and functional equipment.

SST spray system for rotogravure printing - prevent scratches or marks from transport belts by using our spray system for high quality requirements in rotogravure

WEKO-RFS Remoistening System - With a WEKO-RFS remoistening system, the printed material recovers its natural moisture after drying. Because the web is moistened on both sides, the original characteristics of the paper are almost completely restored. As a result, all the problems associated with dried-out paper are prevented and productivity and quality are improved.

Liquid Application Systems

Powder Extraction Systems

Weko UK Ltd can offer powder extraction systems which can be used as option to our ESC system. Powder extraction systems can help in avoidance of contamination outside the spray chamber.

Powder extraction systems effectively sucks off and filters out from the ambient air all the non-stick powder particles and ensures that the air in the equipment room stays 99.9% clean at all times.

Powder Extraction Systems

Edge Cutter & Decurler

We offer Edge Cutter & Decurler options to meet all your needs. These include:

  • Spread- it  (Decurler process which minimises curling process errors and waste of fabrics, features low friction surfaces which essentially treat the fabric gently and can easily adjust to a variety of fabric conditions)
  • Cut-it (provide greater control over waste and decrease operator involvement and are ideal for cutting of items like textiles, cardboards, papers and mats)

To discuss Edge Cutter & Decurler options please contact us.

Edge Cutter & Decurler

Haug static elimination systems

Weko UK Ltd are agents for Haug static elimination systems and are specialists in static elimination equipment, electrostatic charging systems and web & surface cleaning systems.

Haug static elimination systems provide specialist equipment to the following industry sectors:

  • Automotive industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Plastics industry
  • Machine manufactures
 Haug static elimination systems

Pile Tuners

Weko can provide a range of hydraulic pile turners that are equipped with aeration, vibration sidelay and motorised rotation. We can offer fully automatic machines along with logistic packages.

Our Argo range of pile turners are available to suit most format sizes and can be moved from department to department under their own power.

The range of Rotorfix is designed for turning of pallets and products and these machines can be manufactured to costumer specific requirements.

Pile Tuners

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