WELAfix-Industrietechnik GmbH


On about 2.200 m² stock area we keep a wide range of products ready. Our catalogue meets the whole spectrum of industrial extraction systems. Our catalogue is available online.

Our products are: Branch pieces for pipes (control switches welded of 2-4mm strong steel sheet. Operated by hand or pneumatically. Ready for operation with cylinder and 5/2-way valve.), extraction hoses (we offer you suction hoses flame retardant and antistatic for standard application, as well a large programme for special purposes like high temperatures or pressure), rotary valves (Complete sluices up to a lenght of 1.500mm with a gear motor close coupled. Produced from steel sheet 2-3mm strong. Rotor sealing of wear resistant  rubber inserts.), extraction systems for industry, suction arms, suction hoses for the woodworking industry, suction plants for wood particles and dust, tubes for dedusting systems, vacuum cleaning systems and more.

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