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Known worldwide for designing & manufacturing "The Best Tools for the Job", global screwdriving giant Wera Tools are famous for their top quality screwdriving tools which boast dozens of extraordinary patented innovations, providing genuine benefits for both trade customers & end users.

With headquarters in the hand tool manufacturing capital of Germany, Wuppertal, Wera designs & manufactures exclusively in Europe and in it's own facilities - refusing to outsource production, particularly to the Far East. Their UK operations are coordinated from the Chesterfield HQ, and increasingly British professionals are relying on Wera products for their screwdriving needs. Wera tools perform consistently at a superior level to those of their competitors, and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect provides extra peace of mind.

Over 4000 products - screwdrivers, bits, hex keys, ratchets

Wera design & manufacture more than 4,000 professional screwdriving products - including Kraftform screwdrivers, BiTorsion & TriTorsion screwdriver bits, diamond screwdriver bits, impact bits, hex keys / Allan keys, ratchets (including the groundbreaking Zyklop ratchet range, the super-tough Koloss ratchet which you can also use as a hammer, and the small but powerful Bit Ratchet) and even screw-driving chemical products, including lubricants & stainless steel cleaner,.

Over 4000 products - screwdrivers, bits, hex keys, ratchets

WERA SCREWDRIVERS - Kraftform handles

Screwdrivers for Professionals - Quality, Innovation & Performance

Wera are rapidly becoming the first choice of professional users in the UK, who are finding out what the Germans have known for years - you want screwdrivers that perform better than any other, and last significantly longer. Wera screwdrivers offer all of these benefits - making professionals lives easier, faster and safer.

All Wera screwdrivers feature the unique Kraftform design handle - the only truly ergonomic screwdriver handle. That is, designed around the actual contours of the hand during screwdriver use. Try it for yourself - grab one of those memory foam balls and grip it like you would a screwdriver, NS you end up with the Kraftform shape handle. This makes the screwdriver handle much more comfortable for the user, particularly during extended use.

WERA SCREWDRIVERS - Kraftform handles

WERA SCREWDRIVERS - Kraftform Plus General Purpose

All Kraftform Plus screwdrivers feature the famous Kraftform shape handle in multi-component format - with soft zones for increased grip and smooth, hard zones for easy hand repositioning. They also all boast anti-cam out Lasertip tips*, blades made from ultra-tough power bit grade steel, tip markings on handle tops* and anti-roll protection.

(Another slight variant, the SK range, which also features a hex bolster at the bottom of the handle (as per the image opposite) is also available)

Lasertip is another unique Wera innovation - click here to see a demonstration video. Using a laser, rough grooves are cut into the tip of the screwdriver, which bite into screwheads and thus preventing cam-out. These slips out of the screwhead can, at best, damage the material you are working with, at worst, injuries can happen.

An additional benefit of Lasertip is that much less screwdriving effort is required - because the tip bites itself into the screwhead, extra pressure does not need to be asserted. No more two handed screwdriving! It also helps compensate if you have slightly the wrong size screwdriver to hand.

*Chiseldrivers do not feature Lasertip or handle-top markings

WERA SCREWDRIVERS - Kraftform Plus General Purpose

WERA SCREWDRIVERS - Kraftform Plus VDE 1,000V Inslulated

All Wera tools make a professional's life easier, faster, and/or safer - preferably all three. When working with electricity, safety is obviously the most important consideration.

Because of that, Wera stringently tests every single insulated VDE product they make, and with a ten-fold load of 10,000V - guaranteeing safety at 1,000V (as per EN60900:2004). In addition, they drop test every component at -40 degrees - ensuring that even in the toughest, most extreme environments, the all-important insulation will not crack if the screwdriver is dropped.

The Kraftform Plus 1,000V VDE range boasts all the same great features as the General Purpose, and adds VDE safety for those working with live electricity.

WERA SCREWDRIVERS - Kraftform Plus VDE 1,000V Inslulated


Our mission is to produce the best tools for the job, taking exciting ideas right through from concept to the finished product. These tools must make a professional's life easier, faster and/or safer - and preferably all three! Wera refuse to launch any product until we are satisfied it is better than any alternative already on the market.

A fundamental part of this objective is extensive and detailed dialogue with our customers and end users - this has always been critical to the development of Wera products, ensuring we know what they are looking for, the problems they are facing and the requirements they have for their tools.

Wera is the only choice for professional end users - providing unbeatable performance, improved productively and optimal ergonomics.


Over the past 70 years we have developed into a highly successful global operator with over 650 employees. During this time we have never lost focus on our core product - the tools required to drive a fixing or fastener, whether it be from the inside of the fixing (like screws) or from the outside (for example, a bolt).

This has made Wera a specialist manufacturer of worldwide repute, standing above and apart from general tool manufacturers, who diversify into every conceivable category - usually with a loss of quality and service.

The Wera UK team is passionate, dedicated and highly trained, and understand fully the core values of quality, innovation and specialism which underpin our commercial success. (It comes as no surprise that Wera has been voted as one of the five most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany, across all industries, and in 2009 Wera was given the 'iF product design award' for the Wera Zyklop ratchet)


Priding ourselves on providing quality which not only meets but surpasses the highest expectations, we set our sights far above those of our competitors. Not satisfied with merely meeting the minimum requirements for national & international standards, we set Wera standards even higher - ensuring absolute, unbeatable quality. As a result, despite our lifetime warranty, the number of products we receive back is exceptionally low.

To us, quality is only half the answer - products must also be innovative and unique. Due to the tireless focus on innovation by the Wera team, the company greatly increases the productivity of our end users.

A great example of these highest standards is the Kraftform design screwdriver handle. When this unique, eye-catching shape handle was launched it was the first time a screwdriver handle had been designed specifically and successfully to fit the exact contours of the hands during use. This is what we view as ergonomic - not like other companies who simply offer a rounded handle with some soft touch material added. The Kraftform handle is truly ergonomic.

The Kraftform screwdriver, in all it's various connotations, as become a firm favourite of users worldwide since it's 1968 introduction, regularly wins awards, and revolutionised the screwdriver market. Today, the distinctive Kraftform handle stands for innovation as well as tradition, and is one of the many unmistakable Wera trademarks.


Here at Wera UK we pride ourselves on being a reliable & hard working supplier for all our customers, from the largest mail order business to the smallest independent tool shop. We offer reliable logistics, and somewhat uniquely for a specialist manufacturer with several thousand products, we retain the ability to supply virtually 100% of our catalogue offering in 7-10 days. (The vast majority of our products can be supplied next day from our Chesterfield warehouse, only less popular lines will take 7-10 days, as they will be sent from our German headquarters).

We also offer a range of specifically targeted support for our customers, whether driving custom their way through a comprehensive PR and advertising programme, producing signs, banners and innovative displays for their outlets or designing tailor-made fliers and advertisements to help them entice the end user.

We regularly launch exciting and innovative new products, many of which revolutionise stale or outdated product categories, ensuring our end users are kept interested, and return to their suppliers time after time to see what is new from Wera.

If you would like to enquire about becoming a Wera customer, either directly or via a wholesaler, please contact our Customer Services team on 01246 277756, or via email to queries@wera-tools.co.uk.

Our products are featured in all important stores, catalogues & websites which feature good ranges of top quality hand tools & power tools accessories, and we offer all our customers peace of mind, which they can in turn can pass on to their customers, thanks to our no hassle lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.


Electricians. Builders. Plumbers. Mechanics. Engineers. Factory workers. Those in the aeronautical industry. Commercial haulage contractors. Local government personnel. Hospitals maintenance staff. Railway workers.

What do all these groups have in common? They are all professionals, and they all increasingly rely on Wera products to help them execute their jobs quickly, easily and safely.

Here at Wera we genuinely value our end users. After all, without them, we wouldn't be the global force we are today, and you wouldn't find Wera tools in practically all areas around the world. We spend significant time & effort on communicating with many professional users, particularly tradesmen like electricians and builders, to ensure we are fully up to date with their needs, wants and preferences, as well as the problems they are facing.

If you are a user of our products, please feel free to drop us a line any time to tell us what we are doing well, and what we should work on - simply send an email to queries@wera-tools.co.uk, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively, maybe you haven't used Wera products before, and need a little guidance to get started, local stockist details or an up to date catalogue - whatever your requirements, please feel free to contact us during working hours on 01246 277756, or anytime via the email address above.

WERA SCREWDRIVERS - Kraftform Plus Stainless Steel

The 1st 100% stainless steels tough enough for industrial use - just as strong as our conventional steel tools!

It took years of development, but when Wera discovered a way to harden stainless steel to be strong enough for even the toughest of jobs and most demanding users, they secured yet another world first. Ideal for use in catering environments, in the marine industry, or outside.

Wera Stainless tools prevents contamination on stainless steel fixings from carbon steel tools, which eventually erodes the self-healing properties of the steel which then begins to rust - at best, this looks ugly, but at worst it can cause structural damage.

WERA SCREWDRIVERS - Kraftform Plus Stainless Steel
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