Werit U K Ltd.


Servicing the UK Chemical food and pharmaceutical industries:

  • High Performance Industrial Packaging to UN Standards. 
  • IBCs, 
  • UN approved Canisters (20 and 25ltr )
  • large capacity blow moulded storage tanks (800 to 5,000ltrs).
  • IBCs - A range of configurations/capacities (600ltr to 1,000 Ltr). 
  • IBC for every application including Anti-static Poly EX IBC
  • UN Canisters-UK license holder for the award winning ECO Vent anti-glug Canister, providing fast, splash free pouring, for handling dangerous substances efficiently and safely, maximum payload with minimum weight, 17 units per layer on standard 12000x1000mm pallet with excellent stacking characteristics (UN Y1.9)
  • Industrial Storage Tanks-Viable/economical alternatives to steel tanks. Used in various applications: recycling systems, washing systems, water treatment, oil and chemical storage, process plant. A range of additional flanges fittings and accessories available to reduce your installation costs.

We are also suppliers to major manufacturers of reconditioned Industrial packaging including Pack2Pack and Delta Containers


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