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Since 1983 WERTFORM, a subsidiary of the globally active CAFEA Group, has been working with the latest technologies in cooperation with DEK.

In this time, we have established ourselves as one of the leading producers of organically certified coffee specialities.

A greater public profile - more success with private label

A strong brand is the best premise for gaining a strong market profile for your company. With our expertise as a manufacturer and supplier of instant and roasted coffee specialities, we have just the right know-how to develop attractive private label portfolios for the market.

Whether it is distinct packaging, the company’s own blends, totally new products or trouble-free storage and logistics, an experienced partner like WERTFORM makes it easier to realize targets in the growing sector of organic coffee products.

Wertform GmbH

Successful marketing in the various distribution channels requires thorough strategic market analysis. Alongside the facts and figures, we also offer here the necessary knowledge for successfully moving into new or activating stagnating segments of the market.

Mount Hagen: delicate coffee, aromatic and complex in flavourings – even its production is an art itself.

To make it delicate for everybody is another one. But that is exactly our demand. What good does one abundant espresso do, when in return forests are being destroyed and soil is being chemically contaminated? And do you like the taste of a delicate Single Origin Arabica, when its coffee farmers' revenues are too low to send their children to school?

We don’t. Therefore, we work together with Fairtrade and pay their fixed prices. Thus all of our coffees are being grown ecologically sustainable in small plantings under shade trees, which in return is one of the reasons why it tastes to delicate.

Our products: organic coffee, roasted coffee, organic products, instant coffee, espresso, private label coffees, natural food, cappuccino, decaffeinated roasted coffee, cereal coffee

Wertform GmbH
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