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Bespoke Foam Packaging

In 1998, Wessex Packaging bought out Carton Industries Ltd, and has since grown to a team of 15 staff supported by Office Manager Bryan Clayton, operating from a 9000sq-ft unit on the outskirts of Salisbury.

Wessex Packaging supplies and manufactures cardboard packaging and foam packaging for a wide span of industries and are specialists in bespoke packaging.

Some of the industries we work with: 

  • Electronics Packaging
  • Broadcast Industry
  • Medical Equipment Packaging

Foam Packaging

Foam Packaging:
We use a wide range of foam materials in our production methods. We select the most suitable material based on the design and customers needs as well as cost considerations.

We are able to manufacture many styles of foam packaging from simple ENDCAPS to internal flight case fittings.

We stock various grades of polyurethane foams, which have a more spongy cushioning effect as well as various types of polyethylene foams.

Here at Wessex Packaging, we are also able to manufacture packaging in Anti-static foam whether it be polyurethane or polyethylene. Similarly we also supply conductive foam materials.

If it is foam sheet that you are looking for, we are the UK distributor for Neopolen polyethylene foams as manufactured by BASF in Germany. 

Cardboard Packaging

We stock a very wide range of corrugated cardboard from standard B flutes through to export grade material. As specialists in cardboard packaging we are able to advise on the type of cardboard best suited to your needs. We have materials which range from 1.5mm thick up to 9mm thick. These grades cater for small delicate presentation based packaging to standard B flute materials through to CA double wall materials suitable for very heavy weight items. Our range of materials include both white & oyster coloured cardboard as well as standard brown board.

We also stock black conductive cardboard used to manufacture static sensitive cardboard packaging for the electronics industry.

If you wish to personalize your cardboard packaging we can offer one or two colour printing.

We are able to manufacture a complete range of FEFCO styles from standard 0201s and 0427 (pizza box style) die cut cartons through to the more complex die cut styles. As well as outer packaging we can design & develop cardboard fittings to support and protect items within the outer packaging. This can range from simple buffers to complex die cut fittings and can be made for a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Cardboard Packaging

Die Cut Cartons

Die Cut Cartons - available off the shelf:
Wessex Packaging has amassed a large number of 0427 (commonly referred to as pizza style) and 0421 type die cut carton tools. There are approx. 150 different sizes which ensures a good choice to select from without having to pay any tooling charges. These cartons can be purchased either with or without foam fittings. 

Die Cut Cartons

House Moving Pack

House Moving Pack
We have designed a house moving pack which is available to both trade & retail customers alike.

House Moving Pack
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