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Wessex Technical Products Ltd provides you, the customer, with access to all the best crimping and stripping tools in the world together with a selection of high quality crimp connectors.

A company such as TE Connectivity (there are many other companies as well) will have over 40,000 different crimp connector part numbers. How do you choose the right one?

Many tool retailers sell tools that are cheap copies of the original specific designs. How do you know they produce the correct result and won’t ultimately cause an equipment or vehicle failure or worse a fire?

We are independent with over 30 years working with the leading connector and tool manufacturing companies in the world.

We will find the best solution for you, just ask us!

We can produce reports with recommendations and if you desire procure and supply the products for you. 

Replace Heat Seal Connectors

Cool Seal is our award winning product fabricated to replace heat seal connectors reducing installation time buy up to 90 percent. Designed as a revolutionary new crimping product, the Cool Seal removes the need for heat guns or sealing tape and therefore replaces heat seal connectors used previously with these three steps:

  • Strip the wire
  • Insert into the connector
  • Crimp
Replace Heat Seal Connectors

Cool Seal Connector Products

Cool Seal connector products are perfect for use in a production environment and where fast and efficient repair work is needed in the field. We can supply an extensive supply of Cool Seal connector products with our wealth of experience in the technical area. Visit our website for a full list of products ranging from cool seals to crimping tools and repair kits.

UL listed under E6207

Cool Seal Connector Products

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