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West Pennine Storage Equipment provide storage solutions for most problems presented to them; if they can’t find an answer to your storage problems, the likelihood is that there isn’t one.

Whether companies are in their infancy or growing exponentially, West Pennine have been and will there to provide the vital expertise that is needed to enable their customers to maximize the capacity of the area they set aside for storage of raw materials or finished product.

West Pennine Storage Equipment is nationally the best known as a supplier of racking:
the reason for this being that they have always provided a professional service, involving help and advice at the planning and design stage, rather than simply selling steel; an instance of their proficiency is that, when they supply the decks for carpet racking they are 4 metres (or 5 metres) in long in one piece rather than a jigsaw made up of 8’0” x 4’0’ sheets which they have seen done and which can cause all sorts of problems once a rack constructed this way is in use; alternatively, for customers who need ‘pigeon hole’ type shelving West Pennine have the expertise to divide a shelf into different widths of storage spaces if the customer so requires rather than uniform sections.

Shelving and Racking

The Apex range can meet any racking need. Yet it's so easy to order. The standard complete bays meet most requirements and the range of individual components is logical and easy to understand

Storage-Pallet Racking Beams

The Apex range can meet any racking need. Yet it's so easy to order. The standard complete bays meet most requirements and the range of individual components is logical and easy to understand.

Pallet Racking Accessories

The Apex range can meet any racking need. Yet it's so easy to order. The standard complete bays meet most requirements and the range of individual components is logical and easy to understand

META bolt free shelving packs

Ready packed shelving units in one box.

The cleverly engineered knock down frames are easy to assemble – the packs are designed for transport by parcel service or simply in the boot of your car!

All you need to build the shelving unit is contained in the carton

Storage Equipment-Linshelf Adjustable Shelving

Linshelf - sturdy adjustable shelving you can build in 10 minutes

Versatile medium duty shelving system

•Bay capacity: fully clad = 1223kg, cross braced 952kg
•Shelf loadings UDL(Uniformly Distributed Load): 900mm wide = 80kg, 1000mm wide = 80kg, 1200mm wide = 50kg
•3 shelf depth options 300, 450 and 600mm
Linshelf is easy to build. You only need to bolt the top cover and bottom base plinth. Each standard bay includes powder coated blue frames, grey shelves on clips, base plinth and top cover. Extra shelves are available in three depths 300mm, 450mm & 600mm.

Easy adjustment

Widely used for industry, institutional and commercial uses, this medium duty shelving only needs the top and bottom shelves to be bolted with each centre shelf being adjustable on 46mm pitch


Linspace. More features for your money than any other shelving system.

Linspace is totally unique. The four way upright allows bays to be added in any direction - even on top of each other. This allows the system to be truly modular. The huge range of accessories then allows the user to exactly tailor the shelving to their needs.

•Modular Longspan - adds up to a 2m wide bay directly onto Linspace shelving to store bulk products.
•Motor part bays - again joins directly onto Linspace to accept awkward shaped products.
•Multi-tiers - from any single bay or Linspace purchased today - can be extended upwards to create two or three tier storage installations.
•Each bay will accept a massive loading of 945kg as standard.
•Any of these bays can be upgraded even further to accept a load of 1620kg.
•This means that you do not have to plan your storage around the heaviest product and should you have the need for strength in excess of 945kg you can simply add the upgrade kit to that single bay alone even within the same bay run.
The shelf options for 1000mm wide are available in either 135kg, 185kg or 270kg UDL. For 1250mm wide are available in either 100kg or 150kg UDL. Linspace has some unique options available: More storage with louvre panels. Increase the storage area simply and effectively join in louvre panels on the end or rear of bay runs. Use them with Linbins or the large range of accessories to create valuable extra storage space. Solid, weldmesh or plastic cladding is available for any side, rear or in between bays. Simple clips let you add cladding in seconds to any chosen bay.

Apex Longspan Shelving

Versatile heavy duty adjustable shelving

For every application from hand loading to sophisticated order picking systems

•Perfect for high-rise and multi-tier structures
•Modular - rearrange and expand at any time
•Fully adjustable racking levels
•Heights up to 9m in a single section
•Range of depths to suit any application
•Strong and safe
Longspan Racking is a fully modular system specially designed for heavy duty applications. So it's extremely strong and supremely versatile. Longspan Racking builds quickly, too, whether you want a single bay or a sophisticated multi-level storage and retrieval system.

Concerned about strength? - Longspan supports up to 4200kg per bay

The uprights within the formed end frames incorporate an unusually large amount of high strength steel. This provides so much strength and rigidity that each bay can support 4200kg (when the first beam is no more than 1000mm from the floor and subsequent levels are no more than 1000mm apart).

Archive Shelving

With forty options, from stand alone archive boxes to complete shelving systems, we are sure to have a solution to fit your requirement

Shop And Display Shelving

Storage equipment also has a complete wall or Gondola units with wide range of accessories

The superb design and exceptional quality of the system simplifies the planning and installation of the optimum retail environment

•Easily reconfigured without the use of tools
•A wide range of styles and accessories tailored to suit your specific needs
The ideal retail solution for major supermarket installations through to small independent stores or departments.

Storage Equipment-discount

If any clients mention Applegate on any enquiry or when purchasing with West Pennine Storage Equipment Ltd,

Each Client will receive a 5% discount off all or any catalogue orders.

Health & Safety, Waste, Recycling & Environmental

With health, safety, environmental and recycling issues now a major consideration in all organisations, Storage Direct has a range of products to deal with a wide range of concerns such as hazardous storage and spillage through to disabled access.

Workshop, Benches & Tool Storage

Providing you with total flexibility and secure storage. Keep workshops tidy and organised with value for money benches and cabinets. Keep tools and small parts to hand with our trolleys and parts carriers. Or if you are on the move, we can even fit out your vans to your needs.

Steps, Ladders & Access Products

Working safely at height using the correct equipment is essential in any situation. Our range of steps, ladders and access equipment offers a wide selection of products designed for the most demanding of applications. From simple step ups to high level scaffolding we have the products to meet your requirements.

Storage Containers and Bins

Linbins ®, the original and the best, are available in four main colours, take advantage of our economical grey models or choose one of our hygienic clear versions.
Together with louvre panels they are perfect for providing easy to use, flexible storage. Combine them with the Linbin Trays for fast, versatile small part storage. Alternatively we have a range of small parts carousels and turntable units for highly compact small parts storage.

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