West Technology Systems Ltd

West Technology offers a unique combination of vacuum engineering and control instrumentation experience and expertise to provide innovative custom high vacuum system design and manufacture.

Typical Systems are:
  • Vacuum Furnace and Ovens
  • Helium Leak Detection Systems
  • Vacuum Deposition Systems
  • Central Vacuum Systems
  • High Vacuum Pumping Stations
  • Resin Degassing Chambers
  • Freeze Dryers
We are Sales/Service Agents/Distributors for a select group of international vacuum manufacturing companies including:
  • Busch- oil lubricated and dry running vacuum pumps
  • Adixen (Alcatel)- oil lubricated and dry running vacuum pumps, helium leak detectors, turbo pumps
  • Mykrolis- mass flow control and vacuum gauges
West Technology also offers:
  • Vacuum Consultancy and Training
  • Vacuum Equipment Service
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