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It is universally recognised that there is an increasing need to maintain and improve hygiene standards and reduce fire hazards within kitchens.

The Baffle Grease filter accomplishes both needs through its clever design of interlocking baffles that provide a tortuous route for the passage of air through the filter by creating two rapid 180º air direction changes simultaneously.

The Baffle filter range is available in Stainless Steel and is robustly constructed with filter removal handles fitted as standard. Baffle filters are available in a large range of standard sizes.


Grease Filters

The Mesh Grease Filter range has been specifically designed to efficiently remove grease and cooking oils from exhaust air in catering applications. The product is robustly constructed for long life, whilst providing an intricate labyrinth to ensure optimum efficiency.

The product is available manufactured in aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel, galvanised being the most popular. The crimped knitted wire pad is retained in a specially formed channel with protective facia meshes on both faces. Handles are fitted centrally, normally on the face of the two shortest sides. The assembly is mechanically closed with rivets to ensure optimum strength & durability.

The GF Range of Grease filters are available in an extensive range of standard sizes and can also be produced to almost any practical size.


Air Filters

Westbury Filtermation is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Air Filters.

We distribute products throughout the UK and the world.  Our state of the art manufacturing facilities ensure that we are able to comply with the most stringent of requirements, whilst offering fast lead times, first class technical support and competitive prices.

We manufacture a full range of filtration components, materials, fan belts and accessories.

Fan Belts

Westbury Filtermation supplies a complete range of fan belts & transmission parts, for delivery from stock at highly competitive prices. These can be ordered with your air-filter requirements to ensure a full spares kit is available on site, either for standby or for immediate use.

For a full range of transmission components and accessories please contact us.

Air Hygiene Management

Westbury Filtermation’s Hygiene division was established in the early 1980s to carry out kitchen extract ductwork cleaning and regular grease filter “milk rounds”. The division now carries out air conditioning ductwork cleaning and monitoring of the condition of the air within buildings. We check to see if the correct filters are fitted, the seals are in good condition and the air quality is acceptable.

Our aim is to create a long term working relationship with our customers, giving the peace of mind that their air hygiene is being guaranteed by an organisation with proven reliability that has been established for over a century and a half.

We provide the services that are needed by looking at every problem on its own merits to arrive at the best solution for you, our client. We continue developing our cleaning inspection equipment using the very latest technology from around the world to achieve the highest possible standards in both internal cleanliness and quality of reporting, analysis, results and qualified staff.


Catering Industry Products & Services

Westbury Filtermation can solve all your kitchen extract problems, from grease and carbon filtration, ductwork cleaning, canopy cleaning, fan and motor maintenance to weekly grease filter changing programmes.

Our aim is to help you to manage your kitchen extract system to run efficiently and to clean it when it needs to be cleaned. We will also provide reports, photographs and certificates to prove that you are taking more than reasonable steps to prevent fires in your kitchen.


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