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We are a precision engineering workshop that is owned and operated by Peterborough City Council in the UK, and which employs disabled workers who would otherwise be unemployed.  We have been in business since the early 70s and in that time we have trained numerous people, coping with a range of disabilities, to the point that some have been able to develop their skills and independence and progress into mainstream employment.  Some have preferred to stay with us to continue to develop their newfound skills, but regardless of whether they stay with us or not, the satisfaction of being able to work rather than relying on state benefits is priceless.

We offer high quality precision machined parts and assemblies at competitive prices, with deliveries that suit the customer’s needs.  The quality of our work and the standards we set are exceptional, and this is reflected in our customer base, most of whom have been with us for many years.

One of our main customers is a major diesel engine manufacturer and we supply and deliver to them in the UK and France.  These customers are very cautious about where they place their business, but were impressed by the exceptional quality we offer.

A misconception people can have about dealing with a sheltered workshop as a business is that the price and quality will always be rock bottom.  Whilst our prices are always competitive, the quality we achieve is never less than the best.  Westcombe Engineering has always been committed to strive for excellence and the exceptional quality of our product range speaks for itself.

Westcombe Engineering has ISO 9001:2008 accreditation in addition to Investors in People, and we are working towards Silver accreditation for Investors in the Environment.

If you would like to visit the workshop please let us know so that arrangements can be made.  

Our Expertise

Our areas of expertise range from small assembly work and general precision engineering to:

CNC Milling
CNC Turning
Prototype development
Product development
Reverse Engineering
Working in aluminium, steel, iron, copper, plastics and exotic metals

Westcombe Engineering is also happy to be involved in the design process of components and has lead on several projects of this kind. 

Our Expertise

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