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Westcountry Woodworking Machinery Ltd trading as Westcountry Machinery 4 Wood and Machinery 4 Wood are based in St Austell, Cornwall.

We operate throughout the UK and Eire and supply New, Used and Refurbished Woodworking Machinery, Tooling & Supplies to Educational Establishments, Joinery companies both Trade and  Industry, DIY enthusiasts, Boat Builders, General Builders and Construction Companies, Theatrical Set Makers and Woodturners and Woodturning Clubs.

We have dedicated dealers of the Trend MWS Modular Window System and the Trend Cabinet Door System and as such offer in-house demonstrations to customers wishing to implement the system within their businesses.

We also deal with well-known and trusted brands such as Startrite, Record Power, Dakin Flathers, Fox Tools, Sedgwick, Wood Waste Control, Airplants, Trend Routing Cutters, Trend Industrial Tooling, CMT and more.

We will be pleased to hear from you to assist with machinery, tooling or supplies' enquiries that you may have.

Startrite 401E Bandsaw

The Startrite 401E Bandsaw
The 400 series has now been extended to include the Startrite 401E, a more economical version of the Startrite 401S and all of the machines have had their capacity increased to the class leading 400mm cutting height of the 440R

The strength of the bandsaw bodies allows the blade to be tensioned to 20,000psi and above when needed providing proper blade tension for accurate cutting. Because of their rigid bodies they also run at 1500 M/min, about twice the speed of a typical cheap far eastern import. This provides a cleaner, faster cut with a better finish.

Built with the same strong frame as the 401S but with electronic braking and roller guides it provides the opportunity to own a precision built, high quality, European machine for the same price as a far eastern import. At this price there is nothing to match the performance and durability. 

Startrite 401E Bandsaw

Trend MWS Modular Window System

Dedicated Dealers of the Trend MWS Modular Window System
As a dedicated dealer throughout the Westcountry and Nationally we offer in-house demonstrations of the Trend MWS Modular Window System.

Customers can bring their timber and over the course of 2-3 hours can see the system in operation and produce a full ready to operate High-Performance Window (excluding the hinges, glass, locks and seals) which they can then take away with them.

What is the Trend Modular Window System
The demand for timber windows has increased significantly in all sectors of construction with new build, replacement or renovation due to the ‘green’ credentials of timber windows and concerns over uPVC.

To meet this demand the Modular Window System has been designed for small to medium sized joinery companies, builders and developers to enable them to produce timber windows quickly and accurately on a spindle moulder with a sliding table for a low investment cost.

The Trend MWS Modular Window System Produces 8 Different Window Styles, One Machine, One Set-up 

  • With the MWS you can manufacture any size window in 2 - 3 hours, not the typical 6 plus hours.
  • Enables you to respond quickly and consistently to customer requests. Even small quantities of windows can be manufactured in a very cost effective way.
  • Main benefit of the MWS is that the machine is set in seconds with the supplied setting gauge.
  • All of the slots, tenons and profiles on the outer frame and sashes on eight different styles of window are machined without altering the spindle moulder.
  • Dispenses with lengthy set-up and costly test cuts, which requires the attention of a skilled joiner/machinist and invariably reduced profit margins.
  • All the joints on outer frame and sashes are comb joints without the need for length stops. All timber sections are simply cut to aperture size.
  • All the tools and spacers are numbered and stacked on the spindle according to the steps shown on the supplied wallcharts.
  • All of the tooling is supplied with, mainly standard, Tungsten Carbide disposable inserts - giving constant diameters and profiles. All inserts are available from stock for next day delivery.
  • Many tools are used in more than one style of window. You only buy the tools you need and if you are making more than one style of window, the MWS is even more cost effective.
  • The MWS enables anyone without window manufacturing knowledge to produce a complete window in 2 - 3 hours (you must be fully acquainted with spindle moulder operation).
  • The MWS runs on a standard spindle moulder. It doesn’t require a dedicated windowmaking machine.
Trend MWS Modular Window System

Trend CDS Cabinet Door System

The Trend Cabinet Door System
In tough economic times and with a decline in new housing construction, renovation and alterations to existing property are in demand. Therefore, we have designed a system to set the spindle moulder once and not to alter it. The components of cabinet & internal doors with four different panel groove thicknesses can be produced.

The Trend CDS Cabinet Door System runs on a spindle moulder with a flush mounted sliding table. We have introduced the TSM50 spindle moulder in conjunction with this new tooling. We offer the new machine in three-phase 4.0KW (5.5HP) motor power for industrial use or a single phase 2.2KW (3.0HP) motor power for the serious home user.

It has been designed to offer maximum flexibility and will produce nine different profile styles with four possible panel groove thicknesses. This enables you to produce door thicknesses from 18mm to 35mm and up to 36 different door configurations. With the CDS you can manufacture any size of cabinet door or internal door quickly and accurately on a spindle moulder with a flush mounted sliding table.

Set the machine in seconds with the supplied setting gauge and do not alter it to produce all of the profiles and scribes. Dispenses with lengthy set-up and costly test cuts.

All the tools and spacers are numbered and stacked on to the machine according to the steps shown on the wallchart. The CDS can manufacture nine different door profile styles.

Four different panel door thicknesses can be accommodated,4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 9mm.
Door thicknesses from 18mm to 35mm can be produced.

Trend CDS Cabinet Door System

Used Woodworking Machinery

We have a wide selection of Used Woodworking Machinery in stock which is constantly changing.

A service we offer to customers is the complete refurbishment of machines which include updating of electrics and guarding to comply with PUWER regulations.

Used Woodworking Machinery

Woodturning Lathes

Woodturning Machinery

We supply a vast range of Woodturning Lathes, Lathe Accessories and Lathe Tools from well-known suppliers such as Record Power who have over 100 years experience within the industry.

Please visit our website and contact us should there be anything you wish to discuss that you cannot find on our site.

Woodturning Lathes
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