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Westermans International is a supplier of New, Used & Refurbished Welding Equipment, Positioning equipment and Plasma Cutters for the metal manufacturing industry around the world.

We have one of the largest selections of second hand welders and machinery over our 3 warehouses in England and we only stock reliable, well known brands made in Europe or the USA such as ESAB, Lincoln, Kemppi, Fronius, Esprit, Hypertherm and Bode.

  • CNC Plasma Cutters
  • Gas & Plasma Profile Cutting Machines
  • Seam Welders for cylinders and vessels
  • Column and Booms for SubArc welding
  • Welding Positioners and Turntables
  • Pipe Rotators
  • Resistance Spot and Seam Welders
  • Stud Welders
  • TIG Welders and GTAW welding
  • Submerged Arc Power Sources & Welding Tractors
  • Fume Extraction systems
  • MIG Welders and MAG welders
  • Orbital for Welders Tube & Pipe welding

Welding Machines for Sale

Established for over 40 years, we guarantee all our equipment and provide continued support for the lifetime of the machine anywhere in the world. 

We sell to manufacturers in the SubArc welders to the Oil and Gas industry, orbital welding machines to the Petro-Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Synergic MIG welding machines to the Aerospace industry.  Our knowledgeable team is always happy to give advice on the most suitable machine for your welding procedure and welcome visitors to view our vast range of stock at our offices in Leicestershire, UK.  Register for our weekly updates on stock arrivals and special offers and a chance to win a pair of welding gloves.

Welding Machines for Sale

WANTED - Welding Equipment

As a supplier of USED equipment, we are continually looking to buy excess or surplus welding equipment.

We have a large fund to spend on redundant welding plant; we will buy 1 or 500 machines. 

Distance is not a problem; we will make immediate decisions from emailed photographs or viewing and pay a Finder's Fee if you introduce us to a successful deal in Cash of any currency.

If you have a welding machine sitting idle the SELL IT to us. Earn money today.

WANTED - Welding Equipment

Profile Cutting Machines, Gas or Plasma

  • We specialise in supplying USED and Refurbished gas and plasma profile cutting machines. Over the years we have sold hundreds of machines from basic 8x4 sheet scanner types to full CNC with Hydefinition plasma systems.
  • ESAB, Esprit, Farley, Koike, Hpertherm, Messer, SAF, Burny and BOC are the major brands we stock and support. 
  • Our experienced Service Engineers fully service each cutting machine sold and offer lifetime phone support.  Follow this link if you are searching for a CNC plasma cutter
  • We also buy and sell straight line gas cutters, pipe profile cutting machines, spares and consumables.
Profile Cutting Machines, Gas or Plasma

MIG Welding Equipment and MIG Welders

  • MIG welders makes and models are vast and have the biggest range of prices of any welding machines available today.  With our extensive knowledge we only stock USA or European brands. These can be fully supported by our Engineers and all parts and spares are in stock.
  • From a basic compact MIG/MAG to a multi function synergic mig welder  - we stock them all.
  • Fronius, Kemppi, ESAB, SAF, Butters, Miller, Murex, Lincoln, L-Tec MIG welders are for sale today from Westermans.
  • These mig welding machines can be adeed to any other application like lathe welders, column and boom welding and seam welding.
MIG Welding Equipment and MIG Welders

TIG Welding Equipment and TIG Welders

GTAW Welding, TIG welding, AC/DC welders, Aluminium welding, DC welders are all advertised on our web site as TIG welders 

  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) is frequently referred to as TIG welding. TIG welding is a commonly used high quality welding process. It has become a popular choice of welding processes when high quality, precision welding is required.
  • In TIG welding an arc is formed between a non-consumable tungsten electrode and the metal being welded. Gas is fed through the torch to shield the electrode and molten weld pool. If filler wire is used, it is added to the weld pool separately.
TIG Welding Equipment and TIG Welders

Welding Positioners and Welding Turntables

Welding Positioners and Turntables have been assisting the welder for many years by rotating and tilting the job. The UK leaders making these was Bode and now there are many other manufacturers around. Some would say Bode are the Rolls Royce of welding positional equipment which includes head and tail stock, column and booms and lathe type welders.

ESAB, Pema, SAF, Lincoln, Instrument Engineers, Courtburn, Co-Weld, Murex, MPE, ProArc and Ransome are normally in stock at our Leicestershire warehouses. From a capacity of 100kg up to say 50,000kg any welding job can be fixed to the face plate ready for welding.

To meet the demands of the customer, Westerman's have introduced a range of New Britannia welding positioners to our products. These are designed and manufactured in Europe and meet full standards. These are in stock and available for immediate sale or hire.

Welding Positioners and Welding Turntables

Orbital Welding and Orbital Welding equipment

Westermans have sold many orbital welding systems to industries around the world. You will find AMI, Polysoude, ESAB, Swagelok orbital welders for sale on our web site. 

Thanks to its ability to realise high purity results, orbital welding found its place in the production of clean-room components for the semiconductor industry. Its application has now expanded to the construction of pipework and equipment for diverse industries like food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, automotive engineering, biotechnology, shipbuilding and aerospace.

Automated orbital TIG welding is also used in the construction of power stations, (thermal power plants). The construction materials used must be able to withstand the enormous mechanical loads produced by the high pressures and temperatures created by the media carried in the tubes. Notches, pores and inclusions in the weld seams must be avoided at all costs, as these create weak points that can lead to subsequent formation of cracks, which in turn can have serious consequences in terms of component failure. 

One manufacturer has developed an orbital narrow gap welding system with hot-wire feed specifically for this purpose. This new variant has excited a lot of interest in the sector, with the worldwide boom in power station construction fueling the never-ending search for increasingly productive manufacturing methods using new types of high-temperature steels.

Aerospace: The aerospace industry was the first to recognize the advantages of automated orbital welding. The high-pressure systems of a single aircraft can contain more than 1,500 welded joints, all automatically created with orbital equipment.
Boiler tube: Boiler-tube installation and repair offer perfect applications for orbital welding. Compact orbital weld heads can be clamped in place between rows of heat-exchanger tubing.
Food, dairy and beverage industries: These industries require consistent full-penetration welds on all weld joints. For maximum piping-system efficiency, the tubing and tube welds must be as smooth as possible. Any pit, crevice, crack, or incomplete weld joint can trap the fluid flowing inside the tubing, becoming a harbor for bacteria.

Orbital Welding and Orbital Welding equipment

Welding Power Sources and Rectifiers

  • Westerman's have been selling Welding Power Sources from over 40 years.  We know the best makes and models and only stock quality reliable welders. If you need advise on the application, please contact us for help.
  • Brands such as ESAB, Lincoln Electric, Hobart, SAF, Murex, Kemppi and Oxford.
  • These welding rectifier power supplies can be used in any industrial environment and added to any subarc column and boom package, mig wire feed unit or used on site for stick/arc welding.
Welding Power Sources and Rectifiers

Special Welding Equipment for Sale

With our years of knowledge and understanding of engineering and fabrication around the world, we can provide you with first class guaranteed machines and equipment from the leading brands. 

Do you need a Stud welder for bridge work or a set of pipe rotators of 20,000kg or a large column and boom welder? Maybe after a H&S visit your company now needs a fume extraction unit or a longitudinal seam welder for a vessel you manufacture?

Think Welding - Think Westermans

We will have it in stock for quick delivery anyway around the world. We will handle the shipment from start to finish if required for all domestic and International orders..

Special Welding Equipment for Sale

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