Westleys and JT Price (divisions of Westley Group)


J. T. Price is Westley Group's Sand Casting Centre of Excellence and is based in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Stoke on Trent. J. T. Price is a market leader in the supply of raw, proof and finish machined sand castings, with sizes ranging from a few kgs up to approximately 7000 kgs.

Castings are manufactured for commercial and critical application in an extensive range of copper-based, nickel-based and aluminium alloys. J. T. Price is also particularly well-known for bronze sculpture and architectural castings. 

Total Casting & Machining Service

Westleys are market leaders in the complete supply of high-integrity copper and nickel-based sand castings, specifically those requiring the stringent testing demanded for naval & defence applications.

We produce high-integrity castings up to 7 tonnes in weight with complete NDT, machining, assembly and certification available as required.

Total Casting & Machining Service

Engineered Products

Bespoke and high-integrity sand casting components, architectural and engineering solutions, and semi-automated volume manufacturing.

J. T. Price is one of the World’s premier suppliers of complex sand cast components for engineering and architectural applications. We supply castings from a few kgs in weight up to 7 tonnes in all copper-based, nickel-based  and aluminium alloys. Our standard lead times are short and our bespoke service accommodates very small batch size requirements. Extensive testing, machining and assembly are routinely provided.

Engineered Products

Art & Architectural Products

J. T. Price produces sand cast art and architectural products, façade panels, curtain walls and ancilliary pieces from a few grams to very large in scale and weight.

Our highly skilled workforce and unique processes have enabled us to work with world renowned artists and architects , installation and envelope specialists across the world for more than 20 years.

A range of specially developed proprietorial techniques enable us to manufacture castings of significant size, whilst retaining highly-defined finishes and maintaining incredibly thin sections (5mm). Benefits for large scale projects include maximised speed of production and costs that can be more readily controlled.

One of our key specialties is the production of thin section and highly defined cast panels for use in large scale façade and curtain wall projects. We continue to be involved in highly prestigious building projects, where we work very closely with the architect on both aesthetic design and structural compatibility. We supply all copper based materials but often produce projects in various aluminium, special iron or steel alloys.

Art & Architectural Products

Semi-Automatic Moulding Carousel

As part of a £1M investment project to provide a Sand Casting Centre of Excellence for our customers at Westley Group’s Stoke facility, a semi-automatic moulding carousel and core-blowing platform was installed at J. T. Price in September 2013.

Commissioned from foundry equipment supplier Omega, the state of the art equipment has been strategically designed to create a highly-resourced platform for the long-term supply of copper and nickel based sand castings up to approximately 60 kgs. For Francis W. Birkett customers, the investment secures the provision of high-quality sand castings to support FWB’s precision machining and assembly facilities in Cleckheaton.

Semi-Automatic Moulding Carousel


Impeller production at J. T. Price requires extensive skill and experience due to intricate core assemblies and thin section vanes interacting with thicker section shrouds.

Impellers drive fluid through a pump body and are critical to the hydraulic performance and longevity of a pump casing. Impellers are subjected to various forms of corrosion depending on the environmental media they have been chosen to perform within. JTP produce impellers in all heat, wear and corrosion resistant alloys including aluminium bronze AB2-CC333G, copper tin alloys such as CT1, leaded gunmetal, Monel and stainless steels including dupex.

Impeller sizes range from 15cm to 2.5 metres in diameter. Impellers can be fully machined in our own machine shop if required.



The valve industry is one of our major market sectors and as such we cast various copper-based, nickel-based and steel parts for butterfly, check and ball valves up to 7 tonnes in weight.

J. T. Price manufacture many different types of valves including Globes, Gates, Swing Checks, Angle, Flowcheck, SDNR, Non-return, Wafer and Ball Float. Valve Bodies include ‘Y’ Strainers and mud boxes which stop dirt getting into motors and pumps. Sizes range from ½” to 72” and JTP can supply the full range of castings in all heat, wear and corrosion resistant alloys.

If supplied finish machined, items can be pressure tested and fully certified. Certification ranges from 3.1 certification through to DPI, 3.2 witnessed and up to 100% radiography. Parts are certified as per the relevant material specification with additional customer requirements if required.


Marine Components

In conjunction with Westleys, J. T. Price has an extensive record in the supply of NES 747 PART 2 and PART 4 nickel aluminium bronze castings to many of the world’s navies.

Our speciality in this field has been the supply of corrosion resistant and pressure containing items for high-integrity, safety critical applications. Our castings are routinely 100% radiographed, heat treated, dye penetrant tested and witnessed as required. Our success in this field has led to us becoming UK MOD and Babcock approved, as well as supplying regularly into the USA naval program.

Marine components can be supplied in the proof or finish machined condition, or as cast if you require. Machining is managed in our in-house machine shop. Westley Group actively manages the complex logistics process associated with the certification and delivery of complete ship sets of fittings. Over recent years the responsive and flexible requirement to supply spares in the quickest possible manner has been our strong point.

We supply marine components such as propeller hubs and associated CPP components in a full range of sizes, up to 6 tonnes in weight. We also supply propeller blades up to 2000 kg in weight.

Marine Components

Bearing Components

J. T. Price produce bearing components for the offshore and marine industry for a wide range of heavy and light applications such as steel works and power stations.

Bearing components are often specified in copper-based alloys due to the material properties providing inherent lubricity whilst maintaining heat and corrosion resistance. Bearings can be produced in leaded bronze, phosphor bronze, gunmetal and other heat, wear and corrosion resistant alloys.

Bearing Components

Body Scanners

J. T. Price have been producing the internal parts for MRI scanners (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in sand / centrifugal castings for over 30 years.

The aluminium castings are produced to a very high standard in LM27 material with the average weight of the casting being around 700kg.

Body Scanners

Seal Components

Seal components can be produced by static casting methods to exacting standards.

Seals are produced for all commercial type vessels and also for stringent military applications across Asian, European and American Navies. Various materials can be produced from a few kilos to many tonnes all in heat, wear and corrosion resistant alloys.

As well as supplying to the shipping industry we also supply to the hydro market sector to the same exacting standards. Parts are generally finish machined in our in-house machine shop prior to despatch.

Seal Components

Commercial Sand Castings

J. T. Price supplies commercial grade sand castings to companies in the UK and abroad in all heat, wear and corrosion resistant alloys.

At JTP, we work with our customers to provide an economical solution to the most technical of projects, never relaxing the highest quality standards that our customers expect.

Our continuous improvement policy means cost savings in the production process can be passed on to the customer. Customers can also take advantage of our quick turn-around of parts where costly down-time can be kept to a minimum.

Customers always have the option of letting J. T. Price manage the entire process from casting to finish machining and assembly.

Commercial Sand Castings

Finish Machining Service

Westley Group benefits from two Machine Shops to cater for all your machining needs. Our machine shops are located at our sites in Leeds and the West Midlands.

Francis W. Birkett is based in Cleckheaton, Leeds and offers CNC machining as well as conventional milling, drilling and turning of precision components in low or high volume batches. Items can be assembled, coated and pressure tested where required. FWB are experts in the supply of Franberlube self-lubricating bearings. The company is investing heavily in its machining operations to accommodate machining of all materials right through from bar feeding technology to 5 axis machining centres. For more information go to FWB’s website.

Westley Group’s Finish Machine Shop is based on our Spunalloys site in the West Midlands and offers extensive proof, finish machining and assembly facilities. Our modern unit offers machining for all Westley Group companies, enabling us to offer complete supply and a TOTAL CASTING SERVICE. The machine shop also operates as a subcontractor, machining free issue castings from external sources.

Our Finish Machine Shop has a wide range of CNC and manual machines. From milling and turning to drilling and boring, we can cater for the full range of our customers’ machining requirements – truly a one-stop shop for all your machining needs. For more information visitWestleys’ website.

Finish Machining Service

High Integrity Sand Castings

Westleys has an extensive and proven track record in the supply of high-integrity sand castings in corrosion-resistant copper and nickel-based alloys.

Westleys are long-standing suppliers of surface and submarine components to major defence contractors. Fully certified components have been supplied for aircraft carriers and attack submarines such as the Royal Navy’s Astute class vessels. Our success and solid reputation in this field has led to Westley Group companies securing approvals from the UK MOD, defence contractor Babcock, Rolls Royce and BAE Systems.

Our unique TOTAL CASTING & MACHINING SERVICE is tailored to our individual customers and includes the following:

  • A responsive sales team to provide quotations tailored to the requirements of your order (quality, value, lead-time)
  • A highly-skilled production team ready to meet your highest expectations and requirements
  • An ISO certified Quality Management System ensuring full traceability from start to finish
  • The knowledge and expertise of our technical team to answer questions and overcome challenges
  • A close-working partnership based on communication and collaboration
  • A dedicated customer progress team to provide regular updates

Westleys offers a unique opportunity for our customers to hand over the entire management and production process to a company with a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the field.

Westleys manages everything from geometrical design input, patternmaking, casting, testing & inspection, finish machining, assembly and witnessing by third party approval bodies. This ensures full traceability and less risk to your business.

Patternmaking & Coremaking

New patterns or modifications to existing patterns can be carried out at our in-house pattern shop or using one of our approved patternmakers. All patterns undergo a full dimensional check to the latest revision of your drawing and a report can be provided. Our new core-blowing platforms with their new generation gassing technique produces cores of a superb surface finish, excellent adherence to geometric tolerances, and very high strength resulting in castings with tighter tolerances.


Moulds are produced using industry leading air-set sand technology (chemically bonded/no-bake). Castings are manufactured at J T Price, our Sand Casting Centre of Excellence in Stoke-on-Trent. Defense standard materials routinely offered are copper based DEF STAN 02-747 Parts 2 and 4 as well as Cupro-Nickel-Chrome (CNC) DEF STAN 02-824. Components can be produced from under 1 kg to approximately 7 tonnes in weight.

Non-Destructive Examination

Full NDT and certification is managed by our ISO 9001 certified Quality Assurance centre and relevant documents provided. This ensures full traceability from start to finish.

Finish Machining & Assembly

Castings are fully machined and assembled at Westley Group's Machine Shop and despatched to the customer.

High Integrity Sand Castings

Inspection & Witness Protocol

Our naval and defence components demand uncompromising quality and as such undergo a rigorous testing process to ensure casting integrity.

Westleys has years of knowledge and expertise associated with these stringent testing requirements. The process is entirely managed and controlled by our ISO 9001 Quality Assurance centre.

Westleys routinely offers all manner of non-destructive tests, the most common of which are listed below.

  • BSEN 10204 3.1 Chemical Analysis and/or Mechanical Testing
  • BSEN 10204 3.2 TPI (test is witnessed by a third party inspection body, certificates issued and material stamped)
  • Dye/Liquid Penetrant Examination (on-site testing, qualified to PCN Levels 1 & 2)
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Radiography (Xray) Testing (critical areas through to 100%)
  • Hardness Testing
  • Impact/Charpy Testing
  • Heat Treatment
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Pressure/Hydraulic Testing
  • Eddy Current Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Magnetic Permeability Testing
Inspection & Witness Protocol

Product Assembly Service

Westley Group's Finish Machine Shop offers a complete fitting and assembly service for all types of product.

All enquiries are welcome and we work with our customers to supply complete samples/prototypes if required.

Examples of assembly projects:

  • Ship Set Assemblies – Manufacture sand and centrifugal ship set assemblies which are all cast and machined in-house prior to being lined with our customers’ proprietorial material.
  • Header Assemblies – Manufacture sand and centrifugal assemblies for the condensing and cooling system of naval nuclear reactors.
  • Column Pipe Assemblies/Water Lubricated Bearings – 25 years experience in supplying centrifugally cast column pipe assemblies to our global customer base. One off or volume assembly items are cast by Spunalloys, then finish machined, fabricated and assembled at Westley Machine Shop. Sand cast spiders are also cast by J. T. Price and assembled on site.
  • Bridge, Portcullis House – Manufactured, patinated and assembled the 3 tiered bridge in London’s Houses of Parliament, Portcullis House.
  • Base Plate, Dublin Spire – Manufactured and assembled the base plate for the Dublin Spire. The design involved multiple sections and was assembled on site, then transported to be fitted.
  • Ring and Seal Assemblies – Manufacture and assemble ring and seal assemblies for the hydro power industry.
Product Assembly Service
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