Weston Boxes


Weston Boxes are a range of colourful plastic storage boxes designed for the print and arts and crafts trades.

The plastic storage boxes range includes print presentation boxes and craft storage boxes varying in size from business card boxes up to SRA3 paper boxes, covering every major paper size in between.

Weston Boxes are manufactured in the UK by S.B.Weston Ltd. They are moulded in Polypropylene – a 100% recyclable material.

Craft Storage Boxes

The WestonBoxes range of craft storage boxes includes:

  • 12''x12'' scrapbooking boxes
  • peel off sticker storage boxes
  • playing card boxes
  • print presentation boxes
  • tough packaging boxes

These craft storage boxes are ideal for the storage of craft paper, tools, embellishments,generalcraft, home or office supplies.

Craft Storage Boxes

Business Card Boxes

Print presentation boxes make up a large part of the Weston Boxes range. Many sizes are catered for from business card boxes, through compliment slip size boxes up to SRA3 paper storage boxes. These packaging boxes for printers are a cost effective solution for all print related presentation, packaging and storage requirements.

The range includes the following products:

  • business card boxes
  • deep business card boxes
  • compliment slip and dl envelope boxes
  • SRA3 storage boxes
  • A4 storage boxes
  • A5 storage boxes
  • A6 storage boxes

Weston Boxes are a professional yet cost effective way to package, present or store business stationery.

Business Card Boxes

Tough Packaging

Westons offer tough packaging boxes in all their product sizes including tough business card boxes and A4 storage boxes. Tough boxes are ideal for printers looking to package their printed stationery product safely for postal shipping to the customer. These boxes are 100% impact resistant, or ‘Post Proof’. They are available in the following sizes:

  • tough A4 packaging boxes
  • tough A5 packaging boxes
  • tough A6 packaging boxes
  • tough business card boxes

Please visit www.WestonBoxes.com for more information.

 Tough Packaging

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