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The Reel & Shaft Handling Co. is committed to developing and marketing innovative new products in the handling and safety equipment markets and has a proven track record of innovative design, from the Weston Reel stand, to the latest bespoke reel and shaft handling equipment. We are offering a range of reel & shaft handling systems including;

  • Roll Turning
  • Roll Handling Equipment
  • Shaft & Reel Handling
  • Automatic Reel Handling
  • Reel Upenders
  • Rama Trolleys
  • Reel Stands
  • Pedestrian Stackers
  • Vacuum Lifters
  • Lifting Attachments
  • Lightweight Cranes
  • Slitter Rewinders
  • Roll Upenders

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Shaft Handling

The reel and shaft handling company presents the Weston Range of SHAFT LIFTERS 


EXAMPLE: Tullis Russell Papermakers order a second Mk5 Shaft Handling system!

The "Weston Mk5" Shaft Lifters can be supplied with hoist controls built in for easy operation or with separate pendant control for maximum flexibility. We will even supply the Mk5 without a hoist, so you can fit it to your existing hoists! The Mk5 Shaft Lifter is powerful, safe and easy to use, giving operators 'finger-light' control of heavy shafts.

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Shaft Handling

Reel Handling

The Reel and Shaft Handling Company launches its new 'RaSHCo' branded range of Reel Handling Trucks at the ICE 2009 exhibition in Munich!

Reel handling on:

  • Overhead rail systems
  • Hoists
  • Trucks
  • Trolleys
  • In-floor conveyors
  • Grippers
  • Vacuum lifters
  • Both automatic and manual

When floor space is very limited, overhead rail based systems are a great way of handling reels of all sizes in an almost weightless conditions, with fine operator control of positioning. We have designed & installed a number of varied reel handling devices, using compressed air, vacuum and electric lifting devices.

Reel Handling

Reel Stands

The Reel & Shaft Handling Company offers the Weston Reelstand in its low cost and innovative range shaft-less reelstands.

Managing Director, Stephen Weston, explains, “Most reel fed printing presses and converting machines use heavy airshafts to support the reels as they unwind or rewind. It is recognised that constant handling of these shafts can cause injury and fatigue to operators. Lightweight shafts are only suitable for light reels. Existing types of shaft-less reelstands are generally designed for heavy reels in the 1.5 –2tonne range and above. The challenge was to develop an affordable shaft-less reelstand capable of picking reels up from the floor and suitable for small reel applications.”

What was developed surpassed all expectations. Not only was the new reelstand simple and relatively inexpensive to manufacture, but it allows features such as automatic web tracking, aligning the reel as it unwinds or rewinds. The design will also scale up to handle the largest of reels.

Reel Stands

Reel Turners

New range of pedestrian reel turners launched in 2009!

The new weston "reel turner mk3" range of pedestrian stacker and fork-lift truck mounted reel turners is launched!

With its new and instantly recognisable trade-marked Red and Cream livery, The Reel and Shaft Handling Company stands out even further in the field of Reel Handling; not just because of how we look, but because we offer more powerful and more flexible Reel Handling solutions.

Reel Turners

Rama Trolleys

The RAMA 1T-1M battery powered Agility Trolley reel transporter is extremely manoeuvrable. with a turning radius of around 1200mm and a capacity of up to 1.5Tonne, it comes complete with a built in charger that just requires plugging in to a wall socket!

The 1T-1M model can carry reels of up to 1500Kg, 1200mm diameter and 1650mm wide. It has powered lift from its closed height of 120mm to its maximum height of 980mm, (Taller units are optional). It has step-speed powered traction controlled by two handle mounted butterfly controls, giving smooth acceleration & deceleration. It is also fitted with a speed limiter that cuts the maximum speed to half, when traveling with the carriage raised.

The 1T-1M model can carry reels of up to 1500Kg, 1200mm diameter and 1650mm wide. It has powered lift from its closed height of 120mm to its maximum height of 980mm, (Taller units are optional). It has step-speed powered traction controlled by two handle mounted butterfly controls, giving smooth acceleration & deceleration. It is also fitted with a speed limiter that cuts the maximum speed to half, when traveling with the carriage raised.

As an alternative, you may wish to consider the Agility Trolley M10E. This has a powered lift to raise a maximum 1000Kg reel, but it is manually pushed. There now are several other models in the range, including models with reel sideshift, for ease of loading/unloading.

The M600 amd M6-EC Agility Trolleys offer economical manually powered reel handling solutions up to 600Kg capacity.

All RAMA Agility trolleys are supplied complete with CE marking, CE Certification and full Operating & Instruction manuals, which include maintenance schedules and a risk assessment. The trolleys are now supplied as standard with many coating & laminating machines.

Rama Trolleys

RaSHCo LV Trucks


The "LV" represents a new thinking in Reel Handling trolleys with the reel cradle rotating from the "L" position for loading/unloading, to the "V" position for transporting the reel, which means reels of all diameters are cradled safely.

RaSHCo LV Trucks

Pedestrian Stackers

The Reel and Shaft Handling Company offers a wide and comprehensive range of pedestrian Stacker trucks from Armanni of Italy, with capacities up to 2000Kg and heights of 4500mm.

Armanni has the ability to combine functionality and design, with direct management of the whole production cycle, from the project research, to bespoke manufacturing, all the way through to excellent customer services!

Customised answers satisfy a more and more complex and demanding market and this underpins ARMANNI’s leading principles. This ability has been recognised by other leading Fork Truck companies, to whom Armanni supply a range of specialised pedestrian trucks.

Pedestrian Stackers

Consultancy & Training


Managing Director and Inventor, Stephen Weston, has spent his working life in analytical and problem solving roles and uses the knowledge gained from practical experience in laboratory analysis, Research and Development, Papermaking and converting, to bring a broad and unique insight into problem investigation and resolution.

In converting plants, (amongst many projects), Stephen Weston has carried out studies and designed slitting systems for Arjo Wiggins Paper, troubleshot slitting problems for companies such as Alcan Packaging and Arjo Wiggins Paper and presented talks to the UK Paper Industry Technical Association on both Safety and Manual Handling and Slitting Techniques. He also designed and patented the innovative, shaft-less ‘Weston Reelstand”, which is in use in several Paper mills and converting plants, and has two further inventions; a "Pregnancy Seatbelt Harness" and a "Safety Closure Device" for supermarket distribution cages.

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Consultancy & Training

Automatic Reel Handling

The reel & shaft handling company works with several specialist engineering companies that translate the bespoke designs of managing director-stephen weston and his designers, into practical solutions.

A good example of a unique weston design to solve a reel handling problem in restricted space, is shown in the semi-automatic reel and shaft loader/unloader, retrofitted onto the turreting rewinder of a kroenert coater.

Automatic Reel Handling

Vacuum Lifters

The Reel and Shaft Handling Company has recently installed two reel handling Vacuum lifting devices. The Reel lifters are fitted with a special 'Donut' that can seal both 76mm and 152mm diameter cores allowing a strong vacuum to be created, lifting reels of over 50Kg.

Vacuum Lifters

Airshafts and Ancillaries

The Reel and Shaft handling Company supplies a wide range of highly competitive Airshafts and Chucks, including:

  • Carbon Fibre
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Multi-Bladder
  • Single Bladder
  • Tyre Chucks
  • Unwind/rewind Chucks
Airshafts and Ancillaries

Slitter Rewinders

 The Reel and Shaft Handling Company offer a range of excellent low cost slitter rewinders!

The Reel and Shaft Handling Company Ltd, compliments its own range of Shaftless Reelstands and Reel Handling equipment and with high specification modern Slitter/Rewinding machines, sourced from a range of specialist manufacturers in low cost manufacturing areas, offering quality equipment that often sells for less than ½ the price of a UK manufactured equivalent machine.   The Reel and Shaft Handling Company offers:
  - Slitting and Rewinding Machines - Lamination Machines - Inspection Winding Machines - Salvage Winding Machines
Slitter Rewinders

Lightweight Cranes

Movomech:s light traversing rail systems are available in many different sizes and designs. Designed and engineered to reduce operator strain from repetitive work on fast moving car production lines, Movomech systems are ideal for reel and shaft handling applications in the converting, printing & packaging industries. Movomech systems are made of strong aluminium and are just about the lightest on the market.


Volvo Scania Audi General Motors BMW Ford AFT ZF Lemförder SMART EDAG/FFT Schenk Pegasus ABB W. Karmann Lemförder Pilkington SAAB Voest Alpine Volkswagen Comau Dürr Steelweld NedCar Daimler Chrysler Volvo Trucks Magna Tower Automotive IBC Vehicles Vauxhall Porsche Opel


Movomech systems have been recently installed in the UK for a wide range of applications from Shaft handling to Reel handling to reel turning, for weights from 10Kg to 1,000Kg. References include:

Avery Dennison Kelloggs JR Crompton British Polythene Industries Micropol Sharp Porvair ITW Foils.
Lightweight Cranes


Stephen Weston and The Reel and Shaft Handling Company is proud to have worked with many companies in improving not only reel shaft and handling applications, but also bespoke engineered solutions. Here's what some customers say...

“Stephen is a creative problem solver in machinery design and a very straight forward and trust worthy person to do business with". Steffen Bruhn, President, e-b packing aps

“Stephen made us a reel lifter at Tungate. The product he designed for us and his knowledge was excellent from the start". Phil Johnson-factory manager Tungate Print & Packaging

"Stephen is an experienced inventor and innovator within the reel handling industry and has a wealth of experience within his chosen field. I would have no reservations about recommending his services and feel his involvement in any type of reel handling project would only be a positive step.” Rob Donaldson-Technical Director, Primopost Ltd.

“Stephen is extremely client focused and will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure their needs are fully met. He is very creative, inventive and knowledgeable in the fields in which he works. As well as his core business, Stephen often sees other opportunities and works proactively to develop new inventions, raising the necessary resources to develop them. He is personable and great to work with.” Jonathan Butters-Butters Innovation Ltd.

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