Westwood International Ltd.

Westwood?s reputation for a high-quality service extends through three different areas of activity. This includes our Computer & Communications Division, Safety & Security products and our very reputable Military & Police Defence Department. All three technologies are what mankind depend on for survival.

Westwood MPD offers a range of defence products used by many government clients across the globe. Armour and helmets are made from good-quality materials, including the newly developed Tetramid. This includes:
  • Night Vision (The Night Owl 2K)
  • Helmets (Combat, PAS-TAC, Mine, Defender, Paratrooper & many more)
  • Body Armour (full range of designs and Ballistic levels)
  • Victim Location Equipment (Search Cameras Life Detectors etc)
  • Shields (various sizes)
  • Boots (Infantry, Combat, Desert & Jungle available in many colours)
  • Armoured vehicles (Jeeps, Limousines, Trucks, Vans & Tanks)
  • Accessories
In conjunction with MPD, Westwood S&S provides the ?before & after? equipment, as well as products not usually associated with direct conflict. This wide range includes smaller items such as Chemicals & Fire Extinguishers, right up to larger items like Fire Trucks:
  • Fire Extinguishers (many different contents available)
  • Fire Foams (including AFFF, Tutogen & Expyrol)
  • Chemicals
  • Fire Trucks (New & Used)
  • Ambulances
In addition, Westwood C&C was set up as a small subsidiary for equipment used everyday, including Mobile Handsets, PC?s, Laptop Notebooks & all other IT Equipment. No one could predict that this department would grow so fast and become one of our major product ranges:
  • Mobile Handsets (Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic, Motorola etc)
  • All computer Equipments (PC?s, Notebooks, Printers & Scanners, Ink Toners etc)
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