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Cable Assembly

WH Kemp has been providing cable assemblies to leading UK manufacturers for 50 years within sectors such as rail, automotive, defence, oil and gas. WH Kemp works with some of the UK's leading manufacturers where quality, safety and on-time delivery is essential. WH Kemp produces cable assemblies in accord with its customers exacting demands and is regularly requested to continue to fit the cable assemblies onto specialist connectors and equipment in addition to fitting onto control boxes and panels.

Wiring Looms and Cable Harnesses

WH Kemp has been producing Wiring looms for demanding customers for almost 50 years. We work through 9 production cells, with each cell led by a Team leader and made up of technicians who are trained specialists in certain types of cable harness assembly.

WH Kemp's employees are trained to work to IPC standards. WH Kemp is authorised by UL in addition to being certified to ISO 9001.

Box Builds

Alongside Panel assembly our technicians also undertake box builds. Typically, WH Kemp's customers requiring box builds are in the specialist automotive, defence and airport ground support sectors.

Our skilled technicians have recently been selected to build complex control devices to control the movement of helicopters on board Navy vessels. Cable assemblies are manufactured and then assembled alongside high value equipment. Full testing procedures are in put in place to ensure the control panel  works first time in situ.

Our engineers can also come to site to assist with the installation. 

Panel Assembly

Customers have frequently turned to WH Kemp to assemble panels. Additionally, WH Kemp has been requested to manufacture complete pieces of machinery where cable assemblies have been an integral element.

WH Kemp can offer competitive pricing for Panel Builds and has the skilled staff able to undertake panel builds as required by the customer. Further, the facilities available to WH Kemp are such that there is sufficient space to enable large panels to be transported and built.  

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