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At W.H Marren Ltd, we boast over a century of continued dedication to recycling, having been established since 1906. We specialise in the accumulation, processing and distribution of scrap metal (including both ferrous and non-ferrous metals) for the manufacture of new goods.

Metal Recycling

We pride ourselves in being one of the leading companies from the Midlands, for metal recycling.

Our materials and metal recycling services provide substantial amounts of high quality raw materials to end-users on a global scale.

Ferrous Metals

We specialise in collecting, processing and delivering all grades of scrap ferrous metals to consumers all over the world. From 11A cast iron borings and heavy carbon steel turnings in several formats to profile steel scrap and constructional steel, our collections of ferrous metals all meet domestic and internationally defined specifications.

Non-Ferrous Metals

We specialise in the collection, processing and distribution of all grades of aluminium scrap to a worldwide consumer network. A few examples of the aluminium forms we contend with include:

  • Clean Extrusion
  • Mixed (Clean and Painted) Extrusion
  • 6xxx Series (Baled)
  • 5xxx Series (Baled)
  • Aerospace Alloy Scrap - 2xxx and 7xxx
  • Clean, Commercial Pure – 1,3 and 5xxx Series (Baled)

We also provide all grades of copper and brass and stainless steel.

Non-Metal Products

In addition to ferrous and non-ferrous materials, we also recycle a broad range of non-metal products.

We include substances such as wood, paper, cardboard and plastic in our non-metal products recycling and will also process hazardous waste.

Factory Collection Service

In order to maximise the value of a manufacturer’s process waste, we have an experienced team at hand, who with their expertise, can survey your industrial clearance needs and organise sufficient methods to clear your industrial waste professionally.

We pride ourselves on our factory collection service believing our loyal and long established customer base is a reflection of this.

Domestic Services & Export Services

At W.H Marren, we specialise in supplying processed raw materials to UK Mills and other metal processors using our own extensive vehicle fleet as well as our network of haulage partners.

We have sufficient expertise in the export of materials to ports and manufacturing plants throughout Europe and Asia.

Site Clearance and Decommissioning

For site clearance and decommissioning, we offer both experience and the skills to work efficiently with demolition companies to clear redundant sites.

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