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W H Tildesley Ltd are drop forging specialists.  We can provide competitive pricing on small batches compared to machining complex parts from solid bar or billet.

The benefits are not only limited to costs, forging can offer ultimate strength performance especially for complex shapes and where flow direction is important.

We can offer a specialised service in closed-die forging for a wide range of forged components, to find out more information just contact the industry leading drop forging specialists and we can help.

Die Manufacture & Maintenance

Die manufacture and maintenance is part of our extensive service package. A die storage facility enables us to provide industry leading in-house die making which aids in short lead times and affordable tooling for forged products.

At WHT fully integrated CAD/CAM packages link the product and die design to a high speed die sink using two Matsuura CM-series machining centres with the latest Hitachi cutting tool technology.

For more information on Die manufacture & maintenance please contact us

Die Manufacture & Maintenance

Machining & Cold Working

At WHT we can boast that we own an on-site machine shop to do machining and cold working, with the capability to carry out a range of finish machining operations to our forged parts and produced turned parts. We can perform complex milling and drilling operations with our five 3-axis machining centres.

Our presses are mainly used for secondary operations on forgings like cold-holing and clipping in steel and aluminium, but are not limited to this and we can still carry out some sheet metal press work.

To get more information machining & cold working service we can offer please contact us.

Machining & Cold Working

Heat Treatment & Surface Finishing

We work in conjunction with leading heat treatment & surface finishing companies in the industry so you can be sure that all your material specifications meet industry standards for finished condition of all grades of material.

Our stringent quality control can be supported by furnace calibration records, process record charts and operating procedures.

Our specialist sub-contractors located close by can also help with requirements like surface finishing including zinc plating, galvanizing and passivation.

 For all your heat treatment & surface finishing requirements just contact us.

Inspection, Final Testing & Certification

Inspection, Final Testing & Certification are important factors when a project is undertaken and all our testing is fully certified.

Our quality British standard accredited team carries out all inspections and crack detection and are trained in the use of coordinate measuring systems for component checking.

We also has approved and accredited Test Laboratory partners who can carry out Mechanical, Corrosion and Micrographic testing as well as Ultrasonic and Dye-Penetrant Inspection according to industry standards.

For all your Inspection, Final Testing & Certification requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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