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As plastics injection moulding specialists, we pay close attention to market shifts and changes in the industry sectors we serve. We work alongside all of our partners in creating the most efficient and cost-effective route to product delivery through expert plastic injection moulding.

Wheatley Plastics

Based in the North West, at Wheatley Plastics, we offer flexibility, responsiveness and commitment. We supply our products at competitive prices, and use our extensive knowledge and experience to provide the best solution to meet your individual requirements. Please contact us at Wheatley Plastics for more information on our flexible approach to manufacture and delivery.

Plastic Injection Design and Development

We take pride in our plastic injection design and development services. We work with our clients from concept through to completion. We know that clear and throughful design and development is crucial in the sucess and understanding a project. We can take your idea and create a practical working model. We can provide any necessary prototype models and tooling.

Plastic Manufacture

We have a wealth of experience in plastic manufacture, especially in highly technical parts. No matter the complexity of your project, we take the same care and attention. To provide the best plastic manufacturing service, we focus on our knowledge of high-specification engineering polymer inserts coupled with our ability in micro moulding, multi-cavity hot runner systems and more.

Stock Holding and Call Offs

Our customers are always looking to lower their levels of held stock. We are happy to offer a stock holding service. By talking to our customers, we believe this stock holding service is "priceless." We are determind to stretch ourselves to meet our customer needs.

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