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Expodata has specialised in providing electronic test solutions since 1980. Including hardware and software for large and small custom test equipment and big system ATE.

Electro Static Discharge is a major destructive problem in modern electronic manufacture and test and such activities must be carried out in Electrostatic Protected Areas (EPAs). It is essential that equipment and personnel operating in an EPA are grounded by the use of special flooring, overalls, footwear and wrist straps.

SENTRY The product known as "Sentry" was developed to verify the effectiveness of personnel grounding and to be a major improvement on the established test method of a basic comparator tester with a buzzer and red and green LED, supported by an A4 pad and a biro. Sentry is a tester and data logger; it records the date and time of test, the operator, the measured values and the pass/fail status. These results are passed to a database for analysis and audit purposes. The operator is tested for any required combination of feet and wrist in one quick and efficient pass. Powerful "Observer" software provides control, easy set up, automatic scheduled download and reporting, analysis of results.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Efficient – Does not rely on hand written entries
  • Cost Effective – Quick to use so saves valuable production time
  • Comprehensive – Checks every entrant, including visitors
  • Accurate – Measures precise values
  • Flexible – Any test combination for any operator
  • Access Control – Voltage free contacts available for door control on pass
  • Usage – Check who did or did not perform a test on a particular shift/day etc
  • Visibility – View measurements in real time or receive automatic scheduled reports
  • Results Database – can be viewed read only by other PCs on network
  • Groups – Obtain reports on groups/shifts/departments etc
A growing range of Sentry brand products are now available for ESD monitoring and control.
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