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Air Filters Distributor & Supplier

White Rose Non Wovens supply / distribute quality air filter products, and associated air filter materials for use in HVAC, gas turbine and paint spray processes. We also provide filters that are used within hospitals, pharmaceutical, health, gas adsorption and food industries that help provide clean air for people and their environments.

Air Filters

Primary Filters

Lower efficiency filters in grades G2 – G4 such as filter pads, panel filters or pleated panel filters for coarse and medium filtration can be used as pre filters to protect and extend the life of secondary or finer filters.

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Panel Filters

These pleated panel air filters are available in grade G4 utilising either polyester or polypropylene synthetic media which is bonded to a support mesh.

  • Standard panel depths are 1” (22mm) 2” (44mm) and 4” (94mm)
  • Radial V Pleat design
  • Panels flame retardant to UL Class 2
  • Higher grade filter panels available
  • Standard and non standard sizes available
  • Enclosed in heavy duty moisture resistant white cardboard
Panel Filters

G4 Pleated Media

Ideally suited for air filter manufacturers without pleating machines. Available in grades G4 through to F8 in two media types polyester or meltblown polypropylene.

  • Standard pleat depths are 1” (22mm), 2” (47mm) and 4” (94mm)
  • Expanded metal support

We also have self supporting polyester pleat media which does not rely on a metal grid for stability.

G4 Pleated Media

Synthetic Air Filter Media Rolls

Application fields for our filter medias within the HVAC industry are many and diverse. We stock and supply air filter materials in grades G2 through to H10

  • High dust holding capacity
  • Non fibre shedding
  • EN779 : 2002 tested /  (REACh) E>C> No. 1907/2006 regulated
  • Flame Retardant to DIN.53438
  • Filter range is available in roll, reel or cut pad form



Synthetic Air Filter Media Rolls

Laminated Rolls for Pleating Machines

Suitable for the production and manufacture of pleated air filters

  • Available in polyester or polypropylene.
  • Advanced filtration
  • Low initial resistance
  • Efficiencies from G4 up to F8
  • Laminated with expanded metal support mesh for structural support.
  • Rolls available in a range of widths
  • Roll lengths 150m
Laminated Rolls for Pleating Machines

Fan Coil Media

For air filtration around heating / cooling coils

  • Primary filter for prevention of dust build up
  • Low resistance designed for filtration of larger particle sized debris
  • Polyester filter media stitched onto electro welded steel frame
Fan Coil Media

Secondary Filters

Secondary stage filter medias / products giving medium efficiency filter ratings, higher dust holding and a higher degree of air cleanliness.


Secondary Filters

Self Supporting Filter Bags

The Ultra Seal Bag is a new synthetic extended surface high capacity air filter, manufactured from high grade polyester media and ultrasonically sealed, these self supporting pockets offer longer operating life together with high dust holding capacity.

  • Designed for highest degree of air cleanliness
  • Even air flow distribution throughout the pocket.
  • Available in corrosion resistant metal or plastic frame Incinerable with plastic frame.
  • G4 – F5 grades
  • Synthetic – 100% Polyester pockets


Self Supporting Filter Bags

Welded Pockets

Specifically developed for filter bag manufacturers.

Ready cut to size welded pockets featuring:

  • Welded Spacer technology
  • Advanced filtration
  • Low initial resistance
  • Range of efficiencies from F5-F9
  • Filter classification. EN 779:2002

Dimensions of pockets: Width is standard at 675mm but depth can vary to suit customer requirements.

Welded Pockets

Bag filters

These bag filters can be used as an air filter in its own right or as a pre filter giving protection to higher grade filters.

  • Grades G4 through to F9
  • Highest degree of air cleanliness
  • Each pocket constructed of dual stage media
  • Increased dust holding capacity
  • Increased overall efficiency
  • made of break resistant polypropylene fibres
  • Low pressure drop
  • Corrosion resistant metal frame or plastic frame with 20 or 25mm headers
  • Flame retardant to UL Class 2
  • Standard and Non standard sizes available




Bag filters

Carbon Media

For effective air filtration & removal of gaseous and odorous contamination in hospitals, public indoor areas and workplaces.

Activated Carbon media products include:

  • Carbon Panels
  • Carbon Media Rolls
  • Cooker Hood Filters



Carbon Media

Welded Rolls

Designed for manufacturers of bag filters

  • Filter Class CEN – EN 799: Grades F5-F9
  • Sub micron fibres
  • Endless filament fibre technology which fibre shedding or shearing under high dust loading
  • Even airflow distribution
  • Roll sizes 675mm x 150m


Welded Rolls

Paint Spray Media

  • Thermally bonded polyester fibres, progressive structure, with inbuilt adhesive binder system
  • Scrim reinforced clean air side
  • Tested according to EN 779
  • Filter Class F5
  • Fire Class F1  DIN 53438
Paint Spray Media

Eco Cells Synthetic Mini Pleat Media

  • Available in grades G4 through to F9
  • Suitable for general HVAC applications
  • Made from 100% polypropylene
  • Suitable for high moisture content environments
  • Extremely durable 
  • High compressive strength in the airflow direction.


Eco Cells Synthetic Mini Pleat Media

Eco V Rigid Cassette Filters

  • Available in grades F6 through to H10
  • Energy and cost saving
  • Can be used as main filter or as pre filter to Hepa or other fine filter.
  • Low initial resistance
  • Filter media is 100% hydrophobic
  • Suitable for general HVAC applications
Eco V Rigid Cassette Filters

EcoCarb Rigid Filters

  • For use in general HVAC applications.
  • Ideal for applications calling for both filtration and either gas or odour adsorption
  • The filter is available in full, threequarter or half size units

EcoCarb 7 Rigid Filter

  • Similar to the standard EcoCarb, but this high efficiency rigid filter contains an F7 (85% eff.)
  • Large airflow capacity
  • Designed for applications that call for a higher degree of filtration plus the ability to adsorb pollutants from the atmosphere
  • Available in the same sizes as the standard EcoCarb
EcoCarb Rigid Filters

F6-F8 Pleated Media

Employing a Radial V Pleat design this extended surface pleated filter is available in pleated packs ideally suited for filter manufacturers without pleating machines.

  • Air Filters vailable in grades F5 to F8
  • Roll lengths 150m.
  • Rolls available in variety of widths
  • White Rose can supply ready made panel filters in these higher efficiencies F5 –F8 with either plastic or white moisture resistant cardboard frame
  • Panels Flame retardant to UL Class 2
F6-F8 Pleated Media

HEPA Filters

TYCHO™ Hepa filters are available in Grades H10 to H14

  • Air filters are manufactured from high quality minipleated microglass 
  • Shaped in a multi V form for optimum pressure drop.
  • Each air filter is individually tested.
  • Standard 610 x 610 x 292 filter unit utilises 40m2 of filter media
  • Available in either an MDF or galvanised steel frame
  • Suitable industry applications are pharmaceuticals, clean rooms, hospitals and asbestos removal
  • Continuous neoprene foam gasket
  • Airflows of up to 5000m3/hr
HEPA Filters

Deep Pleat Filters

Extended surface air filter used in commercial or industrial HVAC systems, where medium to high efficiency filtration is needed.

  • Greater operational lifetime than standard bag filters
  • Can be used without pre filter
  • Suitable for variable air volume systems
  • Operating face velocity ranges are 0 to 375fpm for 150mm deep filters and 0 to 675fpm for 292mm deep filters
  • Available in grades F5 to F8 in either synthetic or fibreglass medias.
  • Operating limits 100% RH 90degrees C
  • Filter depths 150mm or 292mm
Deep Pleat Filters

Fume Extraction Filters

Industrial Air Filters designed and manufactured to protect the health and safety of workers and environment, by removing hazardous particles and gases from the airstream

  • Filter classification to EN779 and EN1822 (Hepa)
  • Filters can be customised
  • Suitable for use in HVAC / Industrial / Food Beverage / Cleanroom / Pharmaceutical
Fume Extraction Filters

Delta MRSA Air Cleaner

Our Air Unit is a portable air cleaner giving healthcare institutions an effective new tool for use in infection control. Airborne bacteria such as MRSA and C.Diff can circulate for hours in wards, acute care units and communal rooms, recent studies have shown that contamination from MRSA can be reduced significantly by the use of portable air filtration.

The unit which operates quietly in the background of a room draws in contaminated air from the environment, the air particles are ionised and forced through two HEPA filters which have been coated with an anti-microbial layer of nanoparticles capturing  both inorganic particles and microbes.

Test results show almost total elimination of bacteria within 40 minutes and 100% elimination after 3 hours.

The unit also removes 100% of airborne particles such as pollen, dust and mould spores all of which can trigger asthma and upper respiratory irritation.

Delta MRSA Air Cleaner
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