Whiteland Engineering Ltd


Whiteland Engineering Ltd is a sub-contract precision engineering company based in the South West specialising in the supply of high quality machined components in a variety of materials, using the latest CNC technology. We have experience in many industries and we are proud to work closely with our customers in order to enhance their products.

We are adaptable enough to cater for one-off prototypes through to production in volume. Our dedicated "Planning and Estimating Team" can evaluate and price all your requirements in a timely fashion.

The main industries we support include Aerospace, Defence (MOD), Oil and Gas, Printing & Packaging, Marine & Tobacco.

Our services include:

  • Precision machining in large and small batches
  • Specialised mechanical assemblies including hydraulic and pneumatic units
  • Special Purpose Machine Tool Components
  • Complete assemblies of jigs, tools and fixtures of all types including gauges
  • Workshop plant repairs
  • Spares for various types of machinery
  • Reverse engineering and manufacture complete to customer specification
  • Component inspection and supporting documentation

CNC Machining Services

Whiteland Engineering Ltd, based in Devon, has over 30 Years experience in CNC machining services. Our machining services allow us to work with various materials, such as steel, aluminium, stainless, alloy steels, bronze, brass etc. In recent years we have upgraded many of our CNC machinging centres including the latest 3 and 4th axis Hurco CNC machining centres. These have now given us the capability of 3D mould and ergonomic shapes which has brought Whiteland Engineering to the cutting edge of technology enabling us to compete on price, delivery and quality. These CNC machining centres have the latest part probing and laser probing fitted to them.

CNC Milling Services

Here at Whiteland Engineering Ltd we pride our selves on our CNC Milling skills. We have a dedicated team of CNC Milling experts combining many years experience. With 3rd and 4th axis milling machines able to mill in 3D ergonomic shapes we produce work to the very best quality and standard still competing on price.

CNC Turning Services

We have a skilled team of CNC Turners with our largest machine being 560mm swing x 1,750mm centres & 780mmØ face plate (22" x 69" x 31"). With many years of combined experience in CNC Turning we produce high precision components to the very best standard.

CNC Grinding Services

Our CNC Grinding Machines along with our skilled CNC Grinding Machinists make up the full process of being able to manufacture the complete component excluding any finishing. We have several Grinding Machines of various sizes, some are CNC operated and some are manual. We are able to carry out CNC Cylindrical Grinding, Manual Cylindrical Grinding and Surface Grinding.

Inspection Facilities

Whiteland Engineering Ltd prides itself on the quality of workmanship on every component it produces. This is achieved not only by the skills of the engineers whom make the items, but by the array of checking equipment available at their disposal in the inspection department.

From the basic micrometers and slip gauges, to the advanced Axiom CMM and Trimos Vertical 3, all items that we produce can be checked accurately and in their entirety to the drawing provided with the option of full inspection reports on any aspect of the component.

ERP Software

Whiteland Engineering Software Limited was formed as a division of Whiteland Engineering Ltd. Due to the success and capabilities of the software product it has now been formed as a stand alone company.
Twelve years ago the current Managing Director saw the need for a system to be designed and implemented in order to run the engineering business more efficiently and effectively.

By employing and working alongside a team of software developers the process is now complete. This revolutionary product which we believe competes with the best of them within the market place, is now being implemented in businesses throughout the UK. We have assembled a specialised skilled team of professionals, who are dedicated to the developing, Training and the support of the "DATAHUB" system.

DATAHUB is the adaptable business software solution for all businesses large or small. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Administration software is used to manage all aspects of your business from manufacturing planning and estimating through to accounting, offering a user friendly functionality on all modules of the DATAHUB operating software system.

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