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Whiteland Engineering Software Limited was formed as a division of Whiteland Engineering Ltd.

Our ‘ERP’ product ‘DATAHUB’ was formed by our current Managing Director who saw the need for a system to be designed and implemented in order to run the Whiteland engineering business more efficiently and effectively. It wasn’t until 15 years later we decided to take the product to market as it was only ever intended to serve our business. As more and more people saw the product and gave us their thoughts, it convinced us that our product was better than that of other manufacturing ERP software companies currently trading on the market and that we should be marketing DATAHUB to other businesses.

The DATAHUB system is made up of 16 modules and has been designed around a manufacturing environment, although it is now being used in a number of other sectors due to us branching the system out and tailoring it to suit different industries.

Whiteland Engineering Software Ltd doesn't just supply the DATAHUB product but also supplies various other services such as:

  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • Hardware
  • Software Installation
  • Data Transfer
  • Consultation

ERP Software

DATAHUB is the adaptable business CRM software solution for all businesses large or small. Our ‘Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)’ and Administration software is used to manage all aspects of your business from manufacturing planning and estimating through to accounting, offering a user friendly functionality on all modules of the DATAHUB operating software system.

CRM Management Software

The 'Customer Relationship Management (CRM)' and ‘Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)’ modules are the core of the DATAHUB System. These represent a database of all the customers and suppliers you have ever done business with. Entering a new client or supplier into the CRM and SRM modules is very easy and allows you to enter all necessary details ie address, name of employees and their contact details, what industry they are, how many employees they have and more. The modules will allow you to enter all communications and contact made through whatever form, letters, e-mails etc allowing you to view all data relating to the customer or supplier. This includes any quotes, orders, purchase orders, ccjs etc.

Planning and Estimating Software

Estimating Software is used in every business and DATAHUB offers complete flexibility when estimating and quoting a job or enquiring about a purchase of goods or services.

When estimating a job the DATAHUB system will allow you to accurately price the work by calculating the time it takes and the cost of any materials needed. When putting together a quote the system gives flexibility in the form of different line types allowing users to enter exact text anywhere within the document, create sub-totals from different lines and display chosen alternative line headings such as 'Unit Of Measurement' (UOM) or 'per hour'.

Planning and Estimating Software

Order Processing Software

‘Sales Order Processing' is an important step in a series of processes that leads directly to revenue for your company. The way your company handles its sales orders says a lot about the organisation as a whole. Your customers want to know when their orders have been received, are in-process and when they will be delivered.

Purchase Order Processing Software

The 'Purchase Order Processing' module is directly linked into the Supplier Relationship Management Module via an 'Orders' tab.

When creating a purchase order you are able to print and post, fax or email directly to the supplier; the system advises you on their preferred method of transmission before sending.

The DATAHUB system allows Purchase orders to be created and placed in numerous ways.

Production Control Software

The 'Manufacturing Planning' module is used to keep complete control on all work being manufactured and allows the works manager to view all machine and operator loading.

The 'Production Control Software’ details how long the job has been running and how many hours are left to complete the job.

The information is displayed through a gant chart and allows the works manager to move each operation if required and change the machine/operator loading through the route card. The key advantage of this system is that it visually highlights areas which are falling behind with production and allows action to be taken by moving work to areas which are less busy. Out sourcing can be viewed at a glance, the time impact seen and action taken to minimise production delays. 

Production Control Software

Stock Control Software

Managing stock effectively is important for any business. Stock control involves careful planning to ensure that the business always has sufficient levels available.

This module deals with all aspects of stock control including stock transactions, Bill Of Material (BOM) in a tree view, purchase history, sales history and potential suppliers.

Management Reporting Software

The ‘Management Reporting’ module is linked to a number of different areas within the DATAHUB system. Management Reporting Software will create accurate reports on customer and supplier debt, sales, despatch and goods inwards, all accounting, stock, quality, work taking place and more.

These reports are created easily with the tools provided saving valuable time when assessing a particular area of work which requires monitoring.

The Management Reporting module is the perfect tool to ensure that decision makers have instant access to up-to-date information.

Quality Control Software

‘Quality Control Software' allows you to monitor and keep complete control of all quality aspects within the work place. The ‘Quality Control’ module is made up of 6 sections:

  1. Supplier Non Conformance
  2. Customer Concessions
  3. Deficiencies
  4. Supplier Approval
  5. Master Documents
  6. Quality Assurance (QA) Manual

Shop Floor Data Collection

The ‘Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC)’ module is used to collect and collate all labour booking information from the shop floor. This enables all employees to clock on or off a particular job or machine they are working on. By doing this management are able to determine whether a job has been started or not and how long the employee has been working on it.

The key advantages of ‘SFDC’ are:

  • An integrated approach improves accuracy of time recording and keeps the actual physical recording by to a minimum because of intelligent automatic booking
  • It enables management to monitor each job individually
  • If you have done a particular job before and have been asked for a repeat order it enables you to look at the last time this particular job was done and accurately assess the exact run time of the job. This then in turn will give you an exact cost for the job being placed.

Time & Attendance Software

The ‘Time & Attendance’ module directly links into the DATAHUB, Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) and the Accounting modules and hence allows management to view all staff attendance records.

Each member of staff is issued with a clocking in card, which is used to register an employee's arrival or departure at work. This record links directly to SFDC so if an employee is working on a long running job they do not need to clock onto the job as well through SFDC. Off-site labour recording is dealt with by the ‘clocking system’ allowing working away also to be costed to jobs. The employee's swipe card is linked to sound files which acts as an audible warning to eliminate clocking errors. The 'Time & Attendance' module can be purchased as a standalone program, but to get the full benefit it needs to be used alongside other modules.

The primary function of the program is as a tool for the payroll department to see how many hours an employee has worked over a given period of time. It gives management the tools to monitor attendance levels (sickness/absence) and non-productive analysis.

Accounting Software

The 'Accounting’ module allows the accounts staff to record and process financial transactions electronically. The program consists of 3 ledgers: Purchase, Sales and Nominal, which all integrate together to allow the user to control the financial side of the business. This module directly receives data from all modules such as Shop Floor Data Collection, Time and Attendance, Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing.

There are many good accounting programs in the market place but our version is different because it can easily be used by non accountants. The accounting software is simple and intuitive to use and the fact that all other major departments of the business are under one program, makes it the obvious choice for many businesses.

The DATAHUB system has many more assets such as Despatch/Invoicing, Human Resource, Costing, Point of Sale (POS) and Document Control modules. Other features built into DATAHUB are a personal assistant and diary system as well as the ability for staff notices, a mail merge facility, accident reporting and fixed asset management. All this amounts to a very attractive product with huge ability.

For a more in depth view on the DATAHUB system please view our website www.wesldatahub.co.uk

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