Whiteley Read Engineering


Here at Whiteley Read Engineering , we have been associated with pressure vessels for decades. We are a specialist manufacturer in pressure vessels. We boast a 1,500 square metre factory, serviced by two overhead cranes to allow fabrications for up to 200 tonnes to be undertaken.

Stainless Steel Tank Fabrication

We provide specialist stainless steel tank fabrication. We have the expertise and the latest technical facilities to undertake the process of stainless steel tank fabrication to complement our pressure vessel and columns manufacture.

Materials of Construction

We use the highest performing materials of construction to ensure we maintain our high class standards of service and manufacturing. These materials of construction include carbon manganese and stainless steels to clad and high/low alloy materials.


We have an extensive range of products displayed on our website. We manufacture our products to the highest standards. Our products include glass flake, refractory, Belzona-lined vessels, and FCCU riser fabrications.

Whiteley Read Engineering

At Whiteley Read Engineering, we have over seven decades of experience in the process industry. We have a great deal of experience operating our fabrication facilities in South Yorkshire. Our policy at Whiteley Read Engineering is to continually invest and improve in our field of materials of construction.

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