Wichita Clutch


Wichita designs and manufactures pneumatic and hydraulic clutches and brakes, tension control systems and equipment for industrial, mining and marine applications.

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Marine Products

A comprehensive range of clutches and brakes. Rugged construction for dependable performance and extended service life.

  • Typical units are: MSV, MLI, KK, and AquamaKKs
  • Anchor handling
  • Cable-laying
  • Towing and mooring winches
  • Hoists and cranes
  • Dredge pumps
  • Main propulsion drives
Marine Products

Industrial/Energy Products

Clutches, brakes or combined units to suit virtually any requirement.

  • Typical units are: SV, HC, LIM, HTM , AquamaKKs, SS, and HBS
  • Includes Turbine and Drawworks brakes
  • Ballmill and Conveyor applications
  • Low Inertia
Industrial/Energy Products

Tension Products

We have a brake and controller to suit all tension control duties.

  • Typical units are: Modevo, Mistral, Altra Sonic, Altra Steady and Altra Easy
  • Tension control systems
  • Converting applications
  • Flying splice operations
Tension Products
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