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At Wicked Printing, we manufacture and supply screen printing equipment and supplies. We are dedicated to providing high-quality screen printing equipment and supplies at an unbeatable price. We supply beginners, screen printing businesses, schools, colleges, universities and screen printing clubs.

We manufacture and sell the most comprehensive range of tunnel dryers in Europe ideal for screen printing and digital printing curing. We export equipment and supplies to most countries.

Screen Printing Kits

We sell a range of screen printing kits to suit every budget. They include our carousels designed with excellent micro registration and made by us in the UK. Each kit includes a carousel, exposure unit, consumables, screens and inks (kits are available in plastisol or waterbased ink versions). Mega screen printing kits come with additional consumables and the Wicked flash dryer. Professional and Ultra kits include the WPS tunnel dryer. Ultra kits include the WPS vacuum board ideal for poster and paper printing.

Screen Printing Kits

Screen Printing Carousels

We manufacture a variety of table screen printing carousels, ideal for screen printers with limited space. Our screen printing carousels are available in 1, 2, 4 and 6 colour versions. They come with micro registration to improve the alignment of your prints. We also sell an upgradeable version, allowing you to upgrade from a 2 to a 6 colour carousel by adding extra arms.

We resell the excellent Weiss range of floor standard carousels that are high quality and designed for the professional screen printer.

Screen Printing Carousels

Screen Printing Inks

We sell a wide range of screen printing inks including Plastisol inks used in garment printing. We are proud to be a reseller of Union Ink (leading global ink brand). Our assortment of screen printing inks includes waterbased inks which are environmentally friendly and air drying. We supply solvent inks and additives to be used on substrates such as nylon, vinyl, plastic, correx, aluminium, metals, ceramics, polyart, metal foils, fake leather, glass, acrylics and also rubber.

Screen Printing Inks

Heat Curing Equipment

We manufacture and supply a range of heat curing equipment to meet every requirement.

  • Flash Dryer - suitable for flash drying between prints and for low volume garment curing.
  • WPS Tunnel Dryer - ideal for manual screen printers, suited for small workshops and garages great for curing garments (typically 100 -150 garments cured per hour).
  • Panther Dryers - true work horses, huge return on investment,  built to last with thousands of dryers being used everyday across Europe. 

More heat curing equipment models will be launched throughout the year including:

  • 700 Texitunnel – most popular dryer in the UK suitable for curing up to 500 garments per hour (plastisol ink)
  • 700L Texitunnel – longer drying oven idea for Screen Printers and Digital Printers needing to cure high volumes of digitally printed garments
  • 8220 Texitunnel – ideal for automatic screen printers and digital printers. High curing throughput
  • WPS Heat Press range – All heat transfer presses come with lifetime heater guarantees, all are made in the UK and are built to last. We have a wide range suitable for caps, small badges, digital printers and larger logos.
Heat Curing Equipment

Screen Printing Supplies

We stock a fantastic assortment of screen printing supplies. We supply screen printing chemicals including haze paste remover, screen degreaser, screenwash, organic screenwash, spot cleaning, stencil strip and dip tank stencil strip. 

Our excellent range of screen printing supplies includes:

  • Hi Tak Adhesive Spray
  • Coating Troughs
  • Packaging Materials
  • Film positives
  • Squeegees both wooden and aluminium
  • Palette Knives and mixing sticks
  • Aluminium screens which can be meshed to your requirements
Screen Printing Supplies

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