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Your specialist in clamping, testing and measurement technology and special designs

Wilhelm Stolle GmbH is a fourth-generation family business. With a tradition as a machine works and iron foundry going back over 115 years, with our complete and sustainable casting solutions STOLLE stands for high precision and quality. We are your system supplier: from planning, design and development through to production and logistics, including worldwide assembly – everything is under one roof.

Face plates: Our face plates are produced in a process which excludes inherent stresses and delivers high strength and stability. We can manufacture our face plates according to your preferences, including number and size of the T-grooves.

Angle plates: The clamping surfaces of the standard angle plates of STOLLE are processed according to DIN 876 and furnished with T-grooves according to DIN 650-22 H 12 or -28 H 12. Other T-groove sizes are also available.

Clamping blocks: STOLLE produces clamping blocks made of very dense cast iron and possessing five clamping surfaces. Four sides provide clamping slits; the fifth contains T-grooves milled in.

Measuring and inspection plates, alignment plates: STOLLE measuring plates have a particularly high density and surface accuracy that can be achieved by the use of a special alloy of iron and steel.

Further products:
• Bolster plates
• Angle plates
• Mounting blocks
• Measuring and inspection plates, alignment plates
• Industrial assemblies
• Machine tables

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