Willpower Breathing Air Ltd


Willpower Breathing Air Ltd design and manufacture the Niltox® range of breathing air purifiers.

Niltox® purifiers are a unique range of units that incorporated design features that make them effective, efficient and yet low cost.

Each unit in the range removes carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water, water vapour, oil, oil vapour, dirt, dust, smells and a whole range of other contaminants that are likely to be present in compressed air.

The section of this site that deals with current Legislation shows how Niltox® purifiers enable the user to ensure that all aspects of the legislation are met. Additionally the section on the unique Niltox® Colour Change Monitor shows how the user can achieve a major cost saving on air quality testing.

See the Niltox Breathing Air Booklet PDF download for further information on breathing air and the Niltox range.

Breathing Air Purifiers

The Niltox range consists of three different ranges of purifiers. The AR and HR ranges use a duplex system that provides a constant flow of breathable quality air whilst continuously regenerating itself to give long service intervals. As each stage of the purification process undergoes regeneration the purifiers do not loose effectiveness even at the end of cartridge life.

Breathing Air Purifiers
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