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At Wilson Process Systems, we are sub-contract manufacturers of PCB assemblies, full turnkey electro-mechanical assemblies and electronic sub-assemblies. We boast full support facilities such as resin encapsulation, conformed coating and cable harness and wiring loom manufacture.

Our highly skilled staff are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001-2008 standards and work to customer specification accurately and efficiently. In addition to PCB assembly, we also cover the following:

  • High-Speed/Accuracy Surface Mount (4 lines)
  • Automated Through-Hole Assembly (including LEDs)
  • Fully Automated Conformal Coating (2 lines)
  • Aqueous PCB Cleaning
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • ATE/Full Electronic Testing Facilities
  • Environmental Testing Facilities
  • Boundary Scan
  • Design for Manufacture

Sub Contract Electronics Manufacturing

Established in 1981, we have gained a wealth of experience as a sub contract electronics manufacturer employing over 100 personnel.

Specialising in printed circuit board assembly, we continually invest in new equipment, enabling us to offer traditional through hole and fully-automated surface mount production facilities together with a comprehensive range of supporting processes.

We cover a wide range of industries as a sub contract electronics manufacturer including transport, lighting, medical, defence, data logging, power generation, audio, inspection and hygiene.

SMT Contract Assembly

Our recent investment program in high-speed, high-accuracy equipment has increased the capacity of our surface mount department to approximately 150,000 component placements per hour and enabled us to accurately place components from 0402 up to QFP 304 and BGAs.

The four lines in our surface mount factory also consists of a humidity and temperature controlled component storage chamber for storing moisture sensitive components.

Sub Contract Manufacturers

As specialist sub contract manufacturers, we will carry out surface mount and conventional through-hole PCB assembly according to customer specification and design. We cover a wide spectrum of industries as a sub contract manufacturer and are approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.


We pride ourselves in being a CEM or a contract electronics manufacturer, specialising essentially in surface mount and conventional through-hole PCB assembly. Our services as a CEM are enhanced by full support facilities including environmental testing facilities, boundary scan and AOI for example. For more information on our services please visit our website.

Automated Optical Inspection

The ever-increasing complexity of the type of work we are involved in means the associated inspection tasks are becoming more complex as well. This is where our automated optical inspection system shines.

Visual inspection methods alone are now not enough and this new equipment purchase gives us and our customers greater peace of mind in the quality of our assemblies. The versatility of our AOI unit and its innovative technology enables detailed inspection of even the smallest batches.

Automated Through-Hole Assembly Machines

Through-hole technology is an essential aspect of many electronic assemblies. At WPS we have specialist expertise and experience of through-hole assemblies boasting a series of high performing automated insertion equipment. These through-hole assembly machines comprise of the following:

  • Axial Insertion Machine - with 120 feeding stations, and component verifier for checking tolerance and polarity with a  capacity up to 12,000 component insertions per hour
  • Radial Insertion Machine - has 40 stations and is capable of handling a range of 0.1"/0.2" pitch components at a rate of up to  10,000 per hour
  • DIP Insertion machine - one of the few machines of its type in the country to incorporate an auto-feed magazine, caters for the insertion of Dual In-line Package components

Conventional Technology Assembly - Flow Soldering

We host a Soltec Prisma micro-processor-controlled, fully-aqueous flow soldering plant equipped with dual waves. We are also equipped with the Soltec 6622 and Electrovert washer/dryer system. Our flow soldering facilities avoid the disadvantages of resin soldering systems and perform to exceptional standards.

Hand Assembly - Highly Skilled Staff

Despite the increasing ability of machines to take over from manual operations, we have not reduced our labour requirements. We have a highly skilled and experienced hand assembly department for a number of operations in assembly, test and packaging, where machines cannot replace the human hand.

Environmental Protection

The demand for environmental protection increases for PCBs, as many face an operating life in harsh environmental conditions. We have invested in the latest resin encapsulation and conformal coating services to meet the demanding environmental protection requirements of several applications.

Automatic Test Equipment - Fully Tested Assemblies

We have three suites of automatic test equipment used for in-circuit testing and board set-up prior to despatch. We can include any customer or product-specific testing that may be required enabling us to deliver zero-defect "ship-to-use" products for immediate use by the customer with no further goods-receiving inspection being required.

We also have a Checksum manufacturing defect analyser with a 600 node capability and in-house soak-testing facilities

PCB and Component Procurement

We purchase PCBs either from UK sources for fast turnaround requirements or from offshore sources for cost-effective solutions. We strive to overcome long lead-time component issues by offering available alternatives whenever possible.

Our comprehensive stock of commonly specified surface mount and through-hole components provides a cost effective and quantity solution for some requirements.

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