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We provide a range of electric blinds including venetian blinds, blackout blinds and skylight blinds. Our selections of electric blinds are manufactured in a choice of colours and can be used in a variety of applications and buildings.

Our ranges of window coverings give you chance to find truly unique alternatives in a range of colours and fabrics to enhance office blocks, shopping centres and many other contemporary building designs.

Solar Powered Blinds

Solar powered blinds and curtain tracks, how do they work?

Each of the solar powered blinds or tracks is fitted with a 100mm x 150mm solar panel neatly concealed behind the roller or curtain. The system harnesses the power of the sun eliminating the need for any additional power supply or batteries. Unlike traditional systems, where you would measure the light levels and make sure there is an adequate charge rate, solar powered blinds can be increased by linking panels together.

Solar powered blinds can be controlled with either a remote control handset, wireless wall switch or, if you really want to impress your friends you can control them with an iPad or iPhone. This makes the systems an ideal retro fit product.

Electric Roman Blinds and Electric Roller Blinds

Our electric roman blinds and electric roller blinds offer an excellent choice of soft window furnishing and because of their versatility they can easily be applied to an office or home setting. They can be used as flexible decorative or practical window coverings.

Electric roman blinds and electric roller blinds are easy to install and their compact design mean they require little mounting space, and when rolled up they are almost invisible.

Roller blinds are custom made and hand sewn to offer optimum quality and available in a comprehensive range of fabrics and cloths including patterns and transparencies. They also enable excessive sunlight from filtering through without entirely obscuring the view to the outside and are effortlessly controlled with sophisticated control options.

Electric Blackout Blinds

Our selections of electric blackout blinds are ideal when you need a window shade to remove all light. Electric blackout blinds eliminate 100 percent of light and are ideal for use within the home or office.

Our electric blackout blinds also combine energy saving qualities when air is trapped between the cloth and windowpane and insulate the room.

The electric controls make these blinds perfect for blacking out hard to reach windows like skylights and available in a range of fabric shades.

Electric Venetian Blinds

Electric venetian blinds can be applied to a range of window sizes and shapes and offer excellent solutions for daylight control. Electric venetian blinds provide optimum sun shading capabilities and the unique 'bounceback' effect of the aluminium design creates a highly attractive aesthetic.

Electric venetian blinds are offered in a range of uni-colours and completed with brushed, metallic, isle coating, perforated strips, and high mirror foils finishes. 

Electric Panel Glide Blinds

Our electric panel glide blinds can be used as room dividers as well as window coverings and are available in a range of 'Washi Colourways'.

Suspended from rails, electric panel glide blinds, can stylishly open up or close off areas of a room with elegance and functionality. These blinds are designed in handmade paper in either stark white or in colours to integrate with an existing room design.

Electric Silhouette Blinds

We offer electric silhouette blinds combined with the softness of curtains and the practicality of venetian blinds. Electric silhouette blinds offer a roller shade and drape system in one effective window covering.

They have soft fabric suspended between two layers of sheer fabric and soften excessive daylight and strong, direct glare. Electric silhouette blinds offer the ideal solution for design quality and functionality in working spaces.

Soft Furnishings

We also provide a series of fabric for soft furnishings and supply Zinc materials. Zinc is a new company designing contemporary material with tactile, urban and playful qualities. Zinc's fabrics are available in a range of finishes and textures with hints of modern graphic design and 1970s lifestyles. We also stock an array of other fabrics and colours to suit everyone's tastes. 

Our soft furnishings also include strand curtains. These offer a stunning alternative to voile curtains and can be used as soft window coverings as well as room dividers in homes or places like restaurants. They are a modern way to give privacy in a range of colours and can be designed in flat panels to stack on each side of the window.

We also design truly unique tensioned panels manufactured from fire retardant Lycra-based fabric. They can be washed in a domestic washing machine as often as required and are fixed into place using eye plates, screws and swivel hooks. They can be attached to any surface and easily unhooked and replaced.

Tensioned panels stretch up to 33 percent in all directions and can cover large areas and form a range of dynamic 3D shapes to create a central focal point in any room.

Awnings and Canopies

Our outstanding awnings and canopies are designed to make the most out of the outdoors and help create places where you can sit and enjoy the shade in summer.

Our awnings and canopies are durable and able to withstand exposure to UV rays and high temperatures, and help protect furniture in your house from fading or bleaching.

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