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Wine Storage Solutions

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All wine lovers know that wine is fragile; it needs careful attention and correct storage to reach its full potential.

At Wine Corner we offer wine storage solutions that defy convention. No matter how large or small your wine collection might be we will have a solution for you from bespoke wine cellars to wine cabinets and wine racking.

Wine Cellar Design & Build

If you are looking to add a wine cellar into your home, whether in the garage, the cellar, under the stairs or underground, Wine Corner offers solutions tailored to your individual needs.

We are here to help with bespoke wine cellar design, efficient project management and construction using the finest products including world leading wine cellar conditioning units, beautiful wine racking solutions and an attention to detail that ensures a wine cellar that exceeds your expectations.

We can provide a full design and build service, or alternatively provide a design and products for you to build your wine cellar. In fact you can simply buy the individual products from us. The choice is yours and we will work with you to provide a solution that is perfect for you.

Wine Cellar Design & Build

Wine Cellar Conditioning Units

When it comes to providing the right environment for precious wine collections, it is of course crucial that your wine cellar is correctly insulated. Once insulated you need to consider which wine cellar conditioning unit or cooling unit is right for you.

Wine Corner offers a range of wine cellar cooling units to suit various wine cellar sizes and situations. Our most popular conditioning unit is the WINE IN25 shown opposite whilst one of the best conditioning units available is the WINE IN50+.

For more information on the individual products available from Wine Corner, please visit the Products and Services Section or our website.

Wine Cellar Conditioning Units
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