Winterberg & Knapp GmbH


We bring 23 years of experience to sealing elements with vulcanised rubber, caps and plastic items for roof and facade mounting and for automobile construction. We develop and manufacture our products to your exact specifications, drawings and patterns.

Stamping Tools

The basis for economic production and compliance with our high quality standards stems from such processes as the vulcanisation of rubber in our own facility, finishing with a modern CNC machine park, as well as our own production of stamping tools.

Single Source Services

We offer all services from a single source, from development to delivering your products. This means we can guarantee our customers the highest level of quality, timeliness, flexibility and short delivery times at attractive prices.

Sealing washers with vulcanised rubber

Sealing washers with vulcanised rubber: EPDM in grey; EPDM black conductive (powder coating); Neoprene (CR)

Caps with foam rubber or vulcanised EPDM seals

Caps with foam rubber or vulcanised EPDM seals on the upper flange fastener of trapezoidal and corrugated profiles; secure installation with 16 and 19mm sealing discs possible; made from natural / Ral aluminium or V2A

Solar fastening

Solar fastening: Solar caps with threaded M 10 bushing as a carrier for the assembly of solar and photovoltaic systems on trapezoidal and corrugated profiles and sandwich panels; screwed on to the upper belt, freely selectable position (ideal for large rafter clearance as no fastening needed in the substructure)

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