Wirecloth Sales and Development Ltd


We are a specialist wiremesh supplier, strategically based in Warrington, Cheshire, the heart of the wire industry and the ideal distribution point.

As a specialist wiremesh supplier, we deal in all forms of wiremesh, such as woven wire, knitted wire mesh, welded wire, perforated metals and expanded metal. We supply these products in most metal alloy, including stainless steel (all grades), monel, incalloy, brass, copper phosphor bronze and galvanised steel. We also supply these products in plastic, such as polypropylene and polyester nylon.

Air Conditioning and Dust Filtration

We specialise in the supply of air conditioning and dust filtration products.

For more information on our air conditioning and dust filtration products, visit our website.

In-Fill Pads for Grease Filters

We specialise in the supply of in-fill pads for grease filters.

For more information on our in-fill pads for grease filters, visit our website.

Knitted Wire Mesh

Knitted mesh, as its name implies, is a metal wire or plastic strand knitted into an interlocking looped mesh structure, the same way as stockings and should not be confused with woven mesh, which is the form of rectangular openings of parallel wires.

Woven Wire Mesh

Wirecloth Sales & Development Ltd specialise in the supply of woven wire meshes.  We carry large stocks of a range of meshes from as fine as 38 micron to as coarse as 1/2″ (12.5mm).  We can also supply coarser, heavy duty woven meshes on a woven to order basis.

Wire Mesh Belts

Wirecloth Sales & Development Ltd can supply a range of conveyor and filter belts for the industrial market.  We can supply belts with a coiled wire construction, or a woven wire construction.  Belts can be either friction drive, or chain drive.  Our belts are made to order to our customers’ dimensional requirements.


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