Witt and Son UK Ltd


Witt & Son UK, now a third generation of family control. Originally established as a specialist Fan supplier to the German merchant Shipbuilding industry. 

Witt and Son have grown over the past 60 years to become one of the world’s leading names in industrial Fan Technology and associated noise and vibration.

Witt & Son’s well proven expertise in axial and centrifugal manufacture has today made them a market leader in many specialised, high performance sectors. As well as merchant and naval shipbuilding these include the tunnel, nuclear power, chemical and pollution control Industries

· Motorbases

· Slide Rails

· Vibration Mounts

· Centrifugal Fans

· Axial Fans

· Blowers and Boosters

· Atex Fans

· Impulse Fans

· Acoustics

· Service & Maintenance

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