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The name WITT has stood for quality, safety and customer commitment for 65 years. As a global player, WITT deliver high quality gas control and gas safety equipment to more than 60 countries.

We are proud to have a large number of patents and strong relationships with our partners and customers worldwide.

In 1969 WITT began to manufacture gas mixers for the production of shielding gases for welding and furnace atmospheres. This was the start of a second product range which now includes portable mixing, metering and analysing units, electronic control and readout systems up to complex processing equipment. Today you can rely on WITT products in all applications which involve the use of industrial gases and where requirements of Quality, Safety and Process Integration are paramount.


WITT can develop gas technology solutions for your application.

Wherever gases are used internationally in industry, WITT products are always in great demand due to their high precision, reliability and usability. Industries include: food, beverage and steel, automotive engineering, aircraft construction, engine construction, glass making, laser technology as well as many other industrial sectors.

Talk to us about your specific requirements. We design and develop solutions to fit your application - For your safety.

Gas Control Equipment

Gases are essential in a number of industrial applications - where their control and economic usage is paramount. Gas mixers, gas metering and analysing systems as well as leak detection systems by WITT offer the highest levels of safety and quality.

Using state-of-the-art gas technology and incorporating high quality components, WITT products are always in demand and offer the best solution for all applications - efficiently, precisely and safely.

Please see below for our range of gas control equipment.

Gas Mixers

WITT can offer high-quality gas mixers / gas blenders and gas metering systems for two or more gases, for high flow rates and highly fluctuating gas withdrawals.

You can choose between various options. Firstly, according to your requirements WITT gas mixers / gas blenders are available for nearly all technical gases and flow rates. Or alternatively for the optimal gas mixture for welding applications, the required gas concentration for food packages (modified atmosphere packaging = MAP) or the production of synthetic air for medical applications.

State-of the art mechanical or electronic  gas mixing systems provide accuracy and process safety. You can also control your gas mixing systems conveniently via Intranet, Internet or mobile devices such as PDA’s or mobile phones.

Combinations of WITT gas mixers / gas blenders with other WITT quality products such as gas analysers are also possible. These can be manufactured as complete system solutions.

Gas Analysers

WITT gas analysers are fast, precise and multifunctional - they are used as stationary or portable units for sample or continuous gas analysis for almost any gas and application, for example in food (MAP) or steel industry.

Intuitive and easy handling is provided by intelligent operating controls. State-of the art sensors and intelligent software solutions guarantee accurate measurement results and secure the quality of your processes.

To suit your applications, gas analysers can be delivered as stand alone units or integrated in gas mixing systems.

For a customised solution according to your requirements, please contact us for a quotation.

Leak Detection Systems

Prevent returns, image damage and, in the worst case scenario, loss of customers by using WITT leak detection systems.

WITT offers high-quality systems for the gas leak detection of all types of packages. In order to optimise your quality management you can choose between systems for sample or continuous checks. Manufactured by established WITT quality for highly accurate and reliable test results.


WITT can offer receivers for different pressure ranges with volumes from 2 liters (0,26 USgal.) to 1000 m³ (35308 CF). The receivers are either made of mild steel or alloy steel and according to customers' wishes can be painted or powder-coated and equipped with accessories. For receivers up to 250 liters (66 USgal.) volume supplied with mixing systems, the mixer and receiver are delivered coupled together as a preassembly.

Moisture Measurement

WITT offers high quality moisture analysers used to determine the humidity respectively the dewpoint of gases.

These hand-held, sturdy devices detect all relevant parameters such as dewpoint, relative humidity in percent or moisture concentration in ppm (parts per million). Furthermore, moisture analysers can display ambient temperature, pressure in the measuring chamber and a trend plot of the measured values.

WITT humidity and dewpoint analysers feature a ceramic metal oxide sensor. This leading sensor technology is characterised by great speed of measurement, high reliability and accuracy, improved reproducibility as well as optimised sensitivity to ambient temperatures.

The moisture analysers are suitable for a multitude of technical applications in the fields of petrochemistry, power generation, medicine, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, non-fossil fuels, and environmental engineering.

Air Monitoring

Ambient air monitoring devices by WITT can offer reliable protection against the danger of gases often used in the food industry, metalworking industry, chemical processing, and last but not least, waste management.

WITT offers stationary ambient air monitoring devices for toxic gases, oxygen or hydrogen. The gas warning unit permanently controls the concentration of the respective gas in ambient air, and activates an acoustic and visual alarm when individually definable limits are exceeded. Simply effective.

The safety of your employees increases by using WITT gas warning systems for ambient air monitoring. For instance, a concentration of 0.3 percent carbon dioxide in ambient air can be a health hazard. At five percent headache and dizziness may occur; eight percent and more lead to unconsciousness or even death.

Gas Safety Equipment

Gas handling involves high risks in both life and material content. You can rely 100% on gas safety equipment by WITT. State-of-the-art production technology and elaborate quality management systems ensure the highest product quality - For your safety.

Whether you are looking for flashback arrestors for cutting and welding, non-return valves for biogas plants or automatic pressure regulating stations for a central gas supply, we can offer solutions for these and many more applications - Tested and certified.

Flashback Arrestors

WITT flashback arrestors are used to protect single cylinders, outlet points or pipelines and can also be used for almost all technical gases.

Through a combination of established safety elements, flashback arrestors provide protection against flashbacks and backfire. Flashback arrestors also prevent the formation of dangerous gas mixtures within the pipeline.

WITT flashback arrestors meet all the relevant standards(EN730/ISO5175-1)with the according tests from licensing offices such as the BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing). A 100% product control assures highest quality.

The flashback arrestors are mountable in any orientation and are available with all connections and in brass or stainless steel.High-quality materials and filters in the gas inlet provide long service life of WITT flashback arrestors.

Non-return Valves

WITT non-return valves offer protection for plants, pipelines and outlet points against reverse gasflow and meet all relevant standards and regulations. The product range of non-return valves includes a large choice of nominal sizes (up to DN200) and flow rates (0.35 – 106 SCFH).

The sophisticated valve technology of WITT non-return valves provides small pressure drops, making them also suitable for applications with smallest opening pressures. A high-quality sealing system with elastomeres prevents leakages and dirt filters at the inlet point assure long service life of the non-return valves.

Some non-return valve models can also be used as flashback arrestors. All non-return valves can be mounted in any orientation, are available with all connections, in brass and stainless steel and are suitable for almost all technical gases.

Quick Couplers

WITT quick couplers SK100 provides a safe, quick and distinctive connection of the hose with outlet points or working equipment.

They assure gas-tightness when disconnected and integrated non-return valves prevent the formation of explosive gas mixtures in the pipeline.

Different probes for oxygen, fuel and inert gases avoid confusion between connections. A colour coded probe provides a simple selection of the right body and probe.

WITT quick couplers are available with all common connections. A dirt-filter protects hose couplings and equipment.

The WITT quick couplers type SK100 conform to EN561/ISO7289 and are BAM approved (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing.

Safety Relief Valves

WITT safety relief valves protect against over pressure by venting excess gases from pipelines, gas receivers and other equipment.

The spring-loaded, direct action relief valves are suitable for individual opening pressures from 0.07 to 1 435 psi.

The compact size allows easy installation in any orientation. A dust cap protects the safety relief valves against dirt.

WITT safety relief valves are available in brass or stainless steel, as ventable version, and with or without condensation outlet.

Stainless Steel Devices

Stainless steel safety devices are used for hydrogen as well as for pure and corrosive gases.

WITT offer a wide range of stainless steel flashback arrestors as well as non-return-valves, safety relief valves and dome-loaded pressure regulators.

AV619 Safety Relief Valve

Spring loaded, direct acting safety relief valve for venting excess pressure from receivers, pipelines and other equipment. Every safety relief valve 100% tested.


  • individual opening pressure
  • TÜV-certification of pressure setting
  • available in brass or stainless steel (ES)
  • sealing material to suit gas or customer request
  • compact size for easy, problem free installation
  • range of inlet and outlet connections
  • adapter for connection to ventilation pipe
  • free of oil and grease

SV 805/805A Safety Relief Valve

Spring loaded, direct acting safety relief valve for venting excess pressure from receivers, pipelines and other equipment.


  • according to PED 97/23/EC, category IV, Module Band F
  • individual opening pressure
  • TÜV-certification of pressure setting
  • available in brass or stainless steel (ES)
  • sealing material to suit gas or customer request
  • compact size for easy, problem free installation
  • range of inlet connections
  • with / without condensation outlet
  • protective dust cap

SV809/809A Safety Relief Valve

Spring loaded, direct acting safety relief valve for venting excess pressure from receivers, pipelines and other equipment.


  • according to PED 97/23/EC, category IV, Module Band F
  • individual opening pressure
  • TÜV-certification of pressure setting
  • available in brass or stainless steel (ES)
  • may be mounted in any position / orientation
  • compact size for easy, problem free installation
  • range of inlet connections
  • with / without condensation outlet
  • protective dust cap
  • SV809A (manual ventilation), for checking of safety function

Gas Filters

Gas filters by WITT allow for the reliable filtration of the finest dirt particles in gases. Depending on the version, the gas filters can filter out particles from 0.3 to 40 micron and extend the service life of downstream equipment.

The gas filters provide high flow rates and multiple connections. They can be used for many technical gases.

The gas filters – with or without condensation outlet – are designed for installation in pipelines or at outlet points. Filters can be changed while installed.

Dome Pressure Regulators

Dome-loaded pressure regulators for installation in pipelines are particularly suitable for fluctuating or high flow rates at low pressure drops, e.g. for burner and mixing systems. High pressure stability guarantees a constant gas concentration and quality of the downstream processes.

WITT dome-loaded pressure regulators are available for inlet pressures up to 2900 psi and provide pressure regulation from 1.5 up to 870 psi.

Please visit our website for more information.

Pressure Regulating Stations

Manifold pressure regulating stations are used for the reduction of the pressure of compressed gases. They supply downstream systems such as pipeline systems with a reduced gas pressure.

To ensure a continuous gas supply, two pressure regulating stations are recommended in order to switch between two supply sources manually or automatically.

WITT offers a large range of manifold pressure regulating stations for almost all technical gases, pressures and flow rates.

Lance Holders

The use of oxygen lancing for thermal separation causes high security demands on the equipment.

All components of WITT lance holders in contact with oxygen are made of bronze or brass. The seals are made of abrasion resistant, flame retardant rubber. The lance holders allow for a secure joint with the lance up to a maximum working pressure of 40 bar (580 PSI).

WITT offers lance holders for oxygen lancing with or without a thread chamfer of 6 – 42 mm (1.1/4”) in diameter. A cap nut enables quick tensioning and exchanging of lances without additional tools. The lances can optionally be upgraded by a safety-relief valve with non-return valve (SRV) as well as a lancing valve. The lancing valve allows for a quick and safe regulation of the oxygen flow and an immediate emergency stop.

Additionally, WITT offers the complete product range of safe oxygen supply for lance holders, e.g. flashback arrestors, pressure regulators, ball valves, hoses, quick couplers and hose reels.

Ball Valves

Ball valves are the best method of shutting off gas supplies as they stay permanently leak tight without need for maintenance for many years.

WITT ball valves are available in a variety of models, materials and seals to suit all applications.

WITT ball valves are designed in accordance with the DIN standards.Ball valves for oxygen for working pressures up to 40 bar (580.1 psi) are burn-out safe. They have been tested and approved for this purpose by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Germany(BAM).

Hose Reels

WITT hose reels provide a safe and controlled gas supply. The safety hose reels for gases and oxygen are equipped with twin hoses, standard internal diam 9/6. All connections conform to German safety regulations.

The automatic spring lock will hold the reel at each turn and allows to work without any tension during use. A short tug releases the lock and allows the hose to rewind automatically.

The low retraction force of the spring allows the mounting on a cylinder trolley.

A drum with ball bearing, a long-life recuperating spring, axis and rotor made of brass,A robust frame and a coated surface guarantee a long durability of WITT hose reels.


WITT is there for you!

We are always here to support you with new products, projects and installations. Our worldwide network of subsidiaries and partners ensures continuous presence, competence and quality service.

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