Witte Tube and Pipe Systems GMBH


Stockholding steel trade – for more than 40 years

WITTE TUBE & PIPE SYSTEMS GMBH is one of Europe's largest and most prestigious stockholding steel traders for special stainless steel tubes and stainless steel fittings and flanges from (super-) duplex steel and other materials. The company, based in Rastede, has 8,000 m² construction warehouse spaces, 4,000 square meters of open storage space and modern offices on 860 sqm.

Seamless and welded pipes of (super) duplex steel.

Witte Tube and Pipe Systems GMBH

Our program covers special smooth or welded high-grade steel pipes, which are not only rust- and acid-, but also heatproof.
Besides, we offer high-quality high-grade steel fittings, like tube bend, T-fittings and reductions, and flanges. We store all products of the materials 1,4541, 1,4571, 1,4404/316L (not rust-end, austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steels) as well as 1,4539 (strongly nickel-alloyed, austenitic steel), 1,4462 (duplex steel) and 1,4410 (super duplex steel). Duplex steel convinces with its high corrosion resistance - with the super duplex steel it concerns an austenitic-ferritic duplex steel, which even exceeds latter stability. Beyond our storage program we supply the complete piping program also in C-steel and nickel alloys (Hastelloy, Incoloy, Inconel and at least 30% nickel).

Witte Tube and Pipe Systems GMBH

The customers come from the industries: chemistry, petro chemistry, apparatus engineering, building of furnaces, engineering, offshore, pumping and building of compressors, mechanical engineering, power plant construction (nuclear and conventional), piping construction, equipment construction as well as various trading firms.

Relevant markets: Germany, rest of Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia as well as continuous contacts to the USA and to Brazil

We offer: deep assortment attitude, extreme willingness for co-operation and innovation, high flexibility by own machining and sawing center

Characteristics: reliable partner for special individual requirements of material, form and acceptance, supply of complete „packages“ for your project

Witte Tube and Pipe Systems GMBH

Our products:
• stainless super duplex steel
• stainless duplex steel
• T-pieces of stainless steel
• steel pipes
• precision tubes of stainless steel
• pipe fittings made of stainless steel
• stainless steel pipe bends
• pipes, resistant to chemicals
• thick-walled pipes
• pipes for industrial furnaces

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