WITTMANN-KOMET Metall Cutting Saws GmbH & Co. KG


Our specialities are HSS power hack saw blades with individual tooth forms and geometries. Our blades enable you to efficiently cut various materials. For instance our hack saw blades for cutting stainless steels have a positive rake angle and a variable tooth pitch. This reduces the cutting force, improves the carriage of the chips and extends blade life. Width and type of tooth setting are tuned to your cutting application.

Before we release a newly developed saw blade we run long-term tests, according to our motto "quality sells".
The blades manufactured in Weil am Rhein are noted for their durability and quality in the industrial sector, leading to a constantly rising demand in Germany as well as overseas. We employ 23 people manufacturing the high quality saw blades you have come to expect, while 8 sales representatives are supporting us in our continuous objective to be the best.

Our product range:

- Power Hack Saw Blades
- Hand Hack Saw Blades
- Hand Saw Frames
- Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades
- Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades
- Alloy Steel Band Saw Blades
- Band Saw Blades for cutting wood
- Jigsaw Blades
- Sabre Saw Blades
- Circular Saws
- Hole Saws

Our services for Hack Saw Blades:

- painting in more than 10 different colours,
- printing with more then 100 different printing plates,
- personalised packaging, for instance as
  • sets of 2 to 5 blades,
  • sets of 5 or 10 pcs in transparent or coloured boxes, and, if desired, imprinted with your logo
  • plastic boxes of 50 or 100 pcs
  • bulk, 1000 pcs. packed in a cardboard box

Besides, we supply metal saw blades, machine saw blades, band saw blades for metal, blades for hand-saws, band saw blades for metalworking.

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