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The company specialises in polymerisations, product isolation and drying from flammable solvents, a variety of exothermic reactions plus handling and manufacturing viscous products.

The company has extensive experience of chemical contract manufacturing and chemical toll manufacturing and uses this to effectively develop and scale processes helping to bring new products to the market place quickly. A wide range of plant and equipment, that can be configured to make many different products, is available. With considerable experience in the design and scale up of chemical processes we are able to take new products from the laboratory through to pilot plant trials and on to full scale manufacture, making us a valuable partner when bringing new products to the market place.

Witton has numerous reactors ranging from the small scale 50-400 litres up to 18,000 litres for larger scale processes. All the vessels have steam heated jackets capable of temperatures up to 150°C.

All are fitted with condensers to allow reactions to be run at reflux or set up for distillation if stripping is required. Our reactors are usually cooled using water from the cooling towers but should lower temperatures be required we have a 100KW chiller unit available to allow temperatures down to approx -10° C.

Witton has experience in handling a wide range of materials from corrosive, flammable and viscous materials. Our equipment is capable of handling polymers with viscosities in excess off 100,000cps. All our current plant is compliant with current DSEAR regulations. The majority of reactors are 316 stainless-steel but for more specialised applications we have 3 glass lined reactors with accompanying receivers sized at 220, 5,000, and 13,000 litres. 

Drying Chemicals

Witton Chemicals has many years of experience in drying many different types of powder. We currently have 3 dryers for main production and a vacuum oven for scale up work or low volume materials. Material can be packed as required from the dryers into FIBCs, kegs or bags. All dryers are fitted with dust extraction systems. Witton has experience in drying a few kilos up to campaigns of several hundred tonnes per annum.

Acriflow Dispersing Agents

A series of polyacrylic acids and their salts with a range of molecular weights used as dispersing agents in a wide number of industrial applications to eliminate inorganic deposits or reduce the viscosity of inorganic slurries. ACRIFLOW polyacrylate products affect the rheology of the dispersion. Optimum conditions for each application can be determined by the preparation of viscosity-concentration curves and viscosity-shear-stress and shear rate flow curves.

Typical applications for Acriflow dispersants include:

  • Reducing scale and deposits
  • Boiler water treatment
  • Cooling water treatment
  • Sugar evaporators

Reducing the viscosity of dispersions of:

  • Alumina
  • Iron oxide
  • Barytes
  • Magnesium hydroxide
  • Cements and concrete
  • Mica
  • Chrome yellows
  • Molybdate reds
  • Dolomite
  • Talc
  • Ferrite
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Fly ash

Dispersants are used in the following industries:

  • Adhesive and latex manufacture
  • Paint and coating
  • Cement manufacture & Concrete laying
  • Paper making
  • Pigment dispersion
  • Mining and mineral processing
Acriflow Dispersing Agents

Glutaric Acid

Glutaric acid (1,3-propanedicarboxylic acid) is a white crystalline solid which is very soluble in water. The compound is a useful building block for polymers, an intermediate in chemical synthesis and it is used in the manufacture of an antiretroviral drug. The compound is also used in solder flux. In our UK factory, Witton is able to manufacture glutaric acid of high purity that is free from traces of mineral acids and is thus stable when dissolved in alcohols. The product is supplied as a free flowing white powder packed in plastic bags inside cardboard kegs.

Polymer Manufacturers

The development and optimisation of polymerisation processes is a core part of Witton's business. Most monomers can be handled and reacted with redox initiators or thermal initiators such as peroxide and azo initiators. Polymerisation reactions can be carried out in water or solvent. Molecular weight can be controlled by choice of reaction conditions or by use of an appropriate chain transfer agent. Our reactors are equipped with condensers and solvent can be stripped from polymer solutions using vacuum if required. The company is skilled in the production of latexes for use in coatings and surface treatments.

Witton has considerable experience of manufacturing moisture curing prepolymers based on MDI, IPDI, oligomeric isocyanates and silanes in combination with polyols for use in sealants and adhesives. We can handle and use moisture sensitive materials, flammable solvents, viscous liquids and undertake formulation & blending.

Polymer Manufacturers

Fine Chemical Manufacturers

Witton is able to manufacture, isolate and dry a wide range of fine chemicals including acids, aldehydes, alcohols, amines, amides, esters and aromatic compounds.

Fine Chemical Manufacturers
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