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Landing Doors

Since 1977 Wittur supplies the lift industry with versatile and high-quality doors.

Design flexibility, coupled with full range of certifications, makes Wittur landing doors suitable for every application. A wide variety of available finishings and executions allows them to fit in every environment: from residential to exclusive office buildings, from exterior installations to luxurious marine projects, from industrial buildings to hospitals.   MDS1 Landing door (Pictured) Modular Door System Iso 4190 Class I
MDS1 is an automatic car door designed for new general purpose lifts assembled in residential buildings according to ISO 4190 (Class 1)
  • All components are packaged according to their assembly sequence. Fixing accessories for each component are available in separate bags
  • Fail-safe installation by product design: pre-mounted sill group, quick referencing solutions built in the frames. No tools required for installation of side brackets
  • Operators and mechanisms tested and pre-adjusted
  • Identical panel design for fast and slow panels, right and left opening, central and side opening: no possible mistakes when mounting the panels.

Lift Cars

  • Suitable for Lifts designed according to 95/16 EC Lift Directive and EN81 Standards
  • Dimensions according to ISO 4190 Norms
  • High quality level of finishings
  • Standard or special dimensions & material availability
  • Modular easy-to-assemble design from inside, reduced number of screws and special fixing solutions
  • Possibility to adapt horizontal COP for handicaps
  • Prewiring included for lighting
  • Reduced delivery times
  • Easy to deliver, transport and handling
  • Detailed assembly instructions
  • Patented Design
Lift Cars

Hydraulic Drives

Hi Hydraulic Pump

Wittur Center of competence for hydraulics presents pump unit HI.
Ideal for new installations and modernizations (SNEL), Wittur HI secures a reduction of electricity consuption up to 48.8% compared to traditional pump units.
Thanks to highly innovative content, the HI pump unit is the best in class for comfort and energy save. Designed, tested and garanteed by Wittur, pump unit HI is easy to be installed; thanks to integrated hand terminal the setting of parameters is fast and simple.
Hydraulic Drives

Car Slings and Counterweight Frames

Rope car sling (Pictured)

The car frame WCS60 is used for low speed elevators and total loads (P+Q) up to 17000 kg.

  • Meets the EN81 specification, even other safety codes if required
  • Car frame width (DBG) as well as frame height can be chosen freely (in mm steps) within the technical limits
  • Progressive safety gear SGB03 Duplex
  • Roller type safety gear SGA-I70
  • Recommended guide rail width 32 mm
  • Suspension 2:1 or 4:1 (Pulley above car)
  • High ride comfort due to insulated car fixings for roof and floor
Car Slings and Counterweight Frames

Car Door Operators

All Wittur car doors are also available as stand alone operators.

If you are designing a very special lift or a residential one, or modernizing an old building, you can find the right solution.
Hydra 3000 car door operator
Operator for car door
The compact construction of Hydra 3000 car door operator ensures high flexibility especially for elevator modernization purposes. Advantages:
  • Simple structure with a minimum number of parts
  • Front or top car fixing
  • Drive installation on upper left or right,adjustable without adapters
  • Self-learning functions for opening and closing times and directions
  • Pre-adjusted and factory tested for fast and easy 
Car Door Operators


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