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Mathews is an electrical, air conditioning and pump engineering business situated in Exeter, Devon (UK). An independent distributor and installer of pumps, borehole pumps, motors, fans, pressure vessels, starters, filters, water treatments, inverters, and air conditioning equipment.

We have 90 years of experience in selecting the best engineering solution for your applications. We sell a range of leading brands in electro-rotating machinery some of which can be viewed on-line, for specific applications or for enquiries into our greater product range please contact us directly by email or telephone.

Fixed Speed Pressure Sets

our fixed speed pressure sets will operate between two pressures, start and stop which can be adjusted at the pressure switch to suit demand. There will be a 50% volume storage in the pressure vessel approx 12ltrs before the pump will restart. 

Constant / Variable Speed Pressure Set

The Teknospeed Pump will give you constant pressure and variable volume. As the demand increases the pump will speed up to the keep the volume constant. 
Avantages of using this type of pump control is you will get a longer life out of the pump due to the variable speed and slow rotations. The pump will start/stop slowly extending the pump life and reducing the mechanical stress on the pump. Reduce energy use resulting in Energy Saving.
1.1kW, 230 V, 6.8amps.

Nocchi Jet Pump

Used for pumping and distribuition of water in domestic systems used on a continuous or intermittent basis.
Booster units.
Washing, garden irrigation, fountains.

Multi-Stage Pumps

Highly reliable and technologically advanced vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump, capable of satisfying the needs of a wide variety of users, including water distribution, Irrigation, pressure boosting, industrial washing equipment etc.Pump Body, Inpeller, diffuser and seal housing constructed of Stainless Steel Many different construction designs are available with models featuring 2-4-8-16-60m3/h nominal capacties.

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Used for cellar drainage, septic tank/cess pit emptying, garden sprinkler systems / irrigation.
General purpose pump for diesel, water based inks, vegetable oils, plating solution and other non-aggressive chemicals.

Drainage Pumps

Pumps ranging from domestic pumps suitable for clear and sump water, drainage of flooded rooms, garden fountains, irrigation and movement of rain water up to industrial pumps for the removal of nusciance water from sumps, excavations etc.


De-ionisation by automatic Twin-Column Ion-Exchange will completely remove the majority of dissolved minerals from raw water. Regeneration of the ion-exchange resins is effected with acid and caustic which must be accurately dispensed for safety and efficiency.

Water Treatment

Groundwater from wells and boreholes is subject to impurities picked up from rock strata, such as iron and calcium. Mains water is additionally subject to chemical contaminants from pesticides and industrial pollution and to other impurities from the recycling process. The most common problem is scale, the solution being a simple ion-exchange softener. However, to solve your own water supply problems, you often need the accurate analysis and professional chemical and engineering skills that we can provide.

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