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Industrial Automation Software SCADA

Wonderware is the leading supplier of industrial automation and information software solutions.

One third of the World's plants run Wonderware software solutions. Having sold more than 500,000 software licenses in over 100,000 plants worldwide, Wonderware has customers in virtually every global industry.

Wonderware Industrial Software includes:

  • Supervisory HMI,
  • GeoSCADA,
  • Production Management,
  • MES,
  • Performance Management,
  • EMI,
  • Integration with asset management
  • Supply and demand chain
  • ERP applications.

Wonderware used to be distributed by Pantek throughout the UK and Ireland who then renamed to SolutionsPT in February 2007. During this year SolutionsPT acheived Star+ status with Wonderware Invensys and has become a sole trading partner in the UK and Ireland for Wonderware. and has become Wonderware United Kingdom and Wonderware Ireland.

With over 20 years of experience we are at the forefront of supplying Industrial Automation Solutions and have the independence to deliver to customer demand.

Wonderware® products and technology are designed to give you a solid return on your investment. The products and solutions that Wonderware offer are:

  • InTouch
  • System Platform
  • ArchestrA Technology
  • Wonderware Historian
  • InBatch
  • InControl
  • Performance Software
  • Information Server
  • Active Factory
  • Industrial Computers
  • QI Analyst
  • SCADAlarm
  • Remote Response Objects
  • Operations Software
  • Technical Support

Wonderware United Kingdom and Wonderware Ireland have a dedicated Technical Support team ensuring expert advice is always to hand.


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