Woodflakes of Daventry Ltd


Woodflakes of Daventry have been operating an "on demand" woodshavings and sawdust collection service for the wood machining industry for nearly 30 years.

We provide an efficient, flexible service to suit any size of business and are unique in offering our mobile vacuum vehicles to a variety of producers, especially those with access difficulties or storage problems.  Furthermore, this is also particulary invaluable for those who create low volumes using bag extraction systems, and do not wish to continue filling up waste skips.

If you currently have problems with surplus material going to land-fill, or are unable to find a suitable company to clear waste from a chipstore, we are confident that we can be of assistance.  Our service is ideal for those who are considering improving or updating their extraction arrangements and often work with dust extraction businesses to acheive the most cost effective method of disposal for the client.

We cover a surpisingly wide area of the UK and have a long list of satisfied customers that have been using our services for many years.  We serve joinery shops, builders' merchants, furniture manufacturers, shopfitters, bulding companies with our custom built specialised collection vehicles.

With no restrictions on visit frequecies or lower limit on volumes collected, our service is there as and when it is needed.

Woodchip & woodpellet removal.

Woodflakes of Daventry also supply an invaluable service for the green energy sector.

There are instances when there is a problem for the users of these increasingly popular heating systems where occasionally the fuel needs to be removed.  This is often when a break down of the feeding system has occurred, or there has been moisture damage due to water ingress.  In other situations, supplies of low quality fuel or out of specification material can also require removal.

We can efficiently clear woodchip & woodpellets from silos or bunkers etc, and relocate the material elsewhere for re-use or recycling depending on the condition of the material.

Typical clients include local authorities, wood fuel supply companies, private businesses and individuals. We cover a wide area of the uk and have completed jobs in schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, business HQ's as well as country houses and private estates.


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